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My Review of Minecraft

Minecraft is great because you can build anything you want and play with friends and Minecraft gets a lot of updates. Every time it adds more new stuff to mess around with. The game has achievements and has a game on the PC, console, and other devices. My only problem with Minecraft is that you can go into creative, give yourself some diamonds, and go back in survival and say you got it the legitimate way. There are hackers but they usually get banned on servers. Sometimes they don't and ruin the experience and sometimes they can destroy the server but the owner can probably rollback the server before it was hacked. I never get bored of Minecraft even if there wasn't an upgrade in a while. Minecraft though has had some bad updates like the 1.9 combat update which made a cool down for weapons you can still spam click but it won't do that much damage.
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Minecraft has millions of players so it won't be hard to play with your friends because they probably already got Minecraft. Minecraft though is still becoming less popular then it was before. There are mods to play which add even more items or make the experience more unique then normal Minecraft. Sometimes you don't need mods because there are command blocks which let you do want to do with the game. Some are custom mods in command blocks so you don't have to download mods. You can play in creative, survival, adventure, and hardcore mode because you can play all those game modes it doesn't get boring. There are also probably thousands of servers to play on. You do have pay for your Minecraft account but the games fun and doesn't have any ads on the game. I love this game because it is also easy to control your character.
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There are also many Minecraft people on YouTube who record videos in Minecraft. Like the example above is a person who records YouTube videos on Minecraft. Above that picture is Dan the Diamond Mine cart (or DANTDM ). He sometimes records videos on YouTube but not as much as he did before. Maybe he was tired of Minecraft and wanted to try something new. I don't know. Will we ever know? I don't know. Lots of people still record but it is not as much. Maybe it is because Minecraft is getting less updates. Also in the Dantdm screen shot you can see some Minecraft videos at the bottom of it. In Minecraft you can build anything you want to. There is also redstone so you can make pretty cool contraptions like a elevator or a trap for mobs. I wish Minecraft would update more but they have not updated the game in a while.
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Author BobTheGreat
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