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World of Tanks
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Ahhh World of Tanks - do you love it or hate it?

What is world of tanks? world of tanks is an online free to play multiplayer simulation. You play as a tank and there is one main objective, Destroy all enemies. You can play as many different types of tanks, light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers and even SPG "Self-Propelled Guns".
There is many things to do in this game, you can go as a scout to scout the area around you and spot enemies so your team can shoot and destroy, or you can go as a tank destroyer that can blow the enemies away with its mighty blow.There are lots of fun game modes you can make up in there practice match where people love to make lobbies for fun like tank life or even hide n seek. World of tanks attracts many people every day because of its many vehicles that you can play as, you can never get bored.
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Why should you get world of tanks? you should get world of tanks because you can challenge your friends and even platoon with 2 friends and take on the hole enemies side by yourself. You can upgrade you tanks and make them better by upgrading the engine or even adding a higher caliber gun such as a 22mm to a 33mm barrel. there are so many maps i cant even count and their all good and all of them i am sure you will love. some of the bets tanks that i prefer are the Churchill line and the tiger 1 line, these are the best heavy tanks in my preference, they are very time consuming vehicles to get but once you have them they are so much fun to play around with, there are lots of vehicles that you will love playing with and get addicted to them, this happens to me lots of times and i played them over and over again. You can buy gold to upgrade vehicles or even buying them, sadly world of tanks is kind of a pay to win game which lots of people hate about.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
World of tanks is so much fun and with its wide range of maps vehicle and cosmetics you will sure to fall in love. Tell your friends and family about this game because any age can play this game... besides babies i guess.World of tanks has many updates that help out the game or just make it fun, world of tanks has many festive updates like Christmas updates and even Halloween. They add lots of mini games you can play for special occasions like when the Brazil world cup is on there is a soccer game you can play with your tanks, the aim of the game is to push the other ball in to the other goal, you can shoot with your gun to destroy enemy tracks or to push the ball. This was my favorite game mode because it was some much fun to play and mess around with. Over all World of tanks is the bets free to play game you would of played in years and it is definitely fun.

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