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Everyone knows what fortnite is but if you don't here is an introduction!

Fortnite is a battle royale game made by Epic games. A battle royale game is when a specific amount of players drop on a large map wherever they want. At first they have nothing, in Fortnite you have a pickaxe which you can damage other players with but it is not that effective. So as i was saying they drop in with nothing but then they can find weapons ammo grenades consumbales like medkit, hield potion and other usefull stuff. If the player finds and enemy player they will probably fight and the winner can take all the loot the onther player collected. Now what sets appart Fortnite from other battle royales is that you can build. You can build walls, ramps and floors. You can't build infinitely you need to have enought resources to build which is where the pickaxe comes handy you can get resources almost from anything by hitting the object with a pickaxe. After you have enought resources you can build wherever and whatever you want. There are different gamemodes you can play like solo, duo, squad and there is always more!

In solo you are alone, in duo you are with a random person or with a friend, squad is the same as duo but with four people. You can also set it so if there aren't enought people with you for the selected gamemode it won't place random people in your team. You can also team up with 3 other people. There are cosmetics like different pickaxes, character skins, emotes - these are dances you can do whenever you want. These cosmetics can be purchased in the shop with the so called currency of the game "V-bucks". V-bucks can be purchased with money or earn it from the battle pass. The battlepass is just like daily rewards but you don't get thing everyday you get stuff when you level up the battle pass by completing quests. There is a premium battle pass and free battle pass with the free one you dont get rewards every level and while there are some cool rewards in the free pass the rewards in the premium pass are way better looking. You can earn V-bucks from the battle pass to even the free battle pass so there is a way for people not willing to pay to get some cool stuff.

Back to the battle field aka the map all weapons and some other stuff too have rarity levels. First let's talk about items with no rarity levels. These are the grenades while there are better grenades which have something that could be called rarity level but really it is not that much. Then there are the consumbales these could be: medkits, bandags, shield potions (small and LARGE), splash potions, candies (halloween update 2020) and a lot mor to go over these can give you shield and heal you. So now onto the weapons and their 5 rarity levels. So as i mentioned there are 5 rarity levels which are: common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary. There are some items that only come in epic, legendary rarity. Higher the rarity level of the weapon the stronger the weapon is. You need ammo for the weapons too which you can find around the map aswell. also there are treasure chests around the map which give better lootand then there is the llamas these give even better loot and there are airdrp s which every player sees on their minimap.

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