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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (B2P)
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TC's RB6S Ranked Guide/Tutorial

To start off in ranked game-play, first of all you need to be clearance level 20 and above. Once you are level 20 to succeed in Ranked and Get into higher leagues like the Gold Platinum and Diamond leagues you need good map knowledge of all maps, know how to play all operators or have a main, have attachments equipped and practice. When you hit level 20 don't jump right into Ranked. Practice in Casual mode and be probably around level 50 if you want to play ranked seriously. When you are in Ranked you need to communicate and call out your team mates to enemy locations. If you don't win first time, everyone starts somewhere. Practice more and try slow peeking or silent dropping, and search up pro-league tactics on your browser, and play certain characters on certain maps and game-modes in Ranked.
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Siege is a tactical game so don't go running in like some kind of super soldier, you have certain amounts of health and ammo, rushing may work but mostly doesn't in Ranked lobbies. Keep grinding and to learn more through playing try different modes or characters. If you need help and if you're solo queuing with terrible players head to Discord ( And try finding new players with something like RainbowSixSiege as the hashtag or RB6SRanked. When you have your squad get ready to grind. Every season the ranking resets and you get a charm themed on the current season and is the colour of your rank in that season. If you're in Platinum or Diamon, you could be good enough for pro-league, people will start to notice you and you could be invited to a pro-league team, which is awesome.
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There is no aim to ranked, its just a bigger challenge over casual but if you're level 200 you could still just be a full casual player, ranked isn't for everyone, but if you're up to it, its a fun challenge. Watch out though, ranked is where the toxicity is at. Always wear headphones to improve your experience and help you hear enemies. Check who your team are playing and use someone to help them. For example, if someone chooses Thermite choose Thatcher to destroy Mute jammers or Bandit car batteries. Hope these tips helped you to get into ranked and you better win some games out there you Siege lovers! Unless you're just reading this before you get the game to hear about it, but that's cool. Also use your renown wisely. Don't buy skins or character skins buy attachments for your mains. Okay Bye!
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