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League of Legends
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Is the game still fun to play and why?

Personally I have been playing this game for a long time - close to, or maybe even for over a decade now, with some pause periods of several months. I am not one of the players that know the lore by heart, but I am interested in the stories and like the creativity of the creators.

When I started playing there were several champions to choose from the roster, I don't remember the exact number but it was not nearly as many as you can play today. It was a new experience each time I would choose a different champion or game mode. In the beginning I remember playing Morgana the most and she is still one of my favorite champions. Also other than the "Summoners Rift" as the main game mode which is most popular even today, there were few other modes some may remember. Those that have been playing as long as I have may remember the "Twisted treeline" mode or "Dominion". There were also some rotating and featured game modes... but let's not get deep into the memory lane.

Can you remember the name of the mode in the image below? (I really liked this one, and am hoping maybe it comes back sometimes...)

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

So, is the game fun to play? As I mentioned before, I have been playing it for quite a long time, and no I am not going to brag about my skills in the game - to be honest I am actually not that good at all, so why do I keep playing it? Well, for fun!

In the beginning I was excited when a new champion was announced and I played (or at least tried to play) almost all the modes available at the time. But lately as new champions come out, I mainly ignore them (I just look up what they can do in case I play against them, but sometimes not even that) and I cannot remember the last time I played "Summoners Rift" - could be because I don't think I am good enough and don't want to get flamed all the time and/or banned for playing badly, or maybe because I would get panic attacks while being alone in the lane, or I am just too lazy to learn how to play better...or all of the above, and/or who knows why else.

Nowadays I play ARAM and TFT modes most, but the thing is that after all of these years I am still playing League of Legends.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Yes I do get "tilted" sometimes by other players, or by losing the game... or something else gets me annoyed so much that I want to close the game and hit the uninstall button immediately... but I don't. I don't show my frustration to teammates and enemies (if I do respond to a poke it is with kindness and reason - which can be equally if sometimes not even more frustrating to the person I am responding to), and if someone gets out of line, people can always report them.

And of course I complain and whine (mostly to my friends that also play the game) when one of the champions I like playing gets completely reworked (like for example Fiddlesticks...I liked the old version way better), or there is a bug that everyone else seems to know how to exploit except for me...and when I think about all the time I spent playing the game when I could have been doing something else (preferably something useful). But I still open the client and start the match.

So, my conclusion is yes, the game is still fun to play - just my personal opinion. I am not quite sure why (given all the not so good reasons), but I blame RIOT. They must be doing something to keep the game relevant, interesting and yes, fun.

If you have never played, be sure to give it a shot.

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