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Splatoon 2 Nintendo switch review

Splatoon 2 is the sequel to the original splatoon that came out for the wii U, Since it has been confirmed that a third splatoon will eventually be released I will be reviewing the mechanics as well as the pros and cons of the game and what I hope will be added in the upcoming game. There are a few modes that can be played in Splatoon 2 these being: turf war, ranked, ranked teams, splat fests, salmon run, solo story mode, competitive 2vs2. I will be focusing on the first 5 modes primarily but it also good to note that there is many ways of playing the game, There is also the octo expansion however you need to pay additional money and not a small amount either which is a downside of the game especially when you also are paying for Nintendo online to be able to use the majority of the modes in the game making this a big turn off for many penny pinching gamers. The first mode turf war is the first online mode most people play with a simple premise, you are placed in random teams of 4 and go up against another team to cover more of the land in your colour while “splatting” other members.

This mode is a classic with many maps to choose from that makes it hard to get bored of this mode, However when the teams are assigned there is no level distinction meaning that a new player can be teamed up with experts making it a bit unfair for inexperienced players, this also applies to splatfests that are the same as turf war but with a voted team and one unique stage for the event (also the main lobby changes from day to night which is a nice touch). The Other modes however remedy this with a tier system (Z to c- for all besides salmon run that has a unique tier system.) and also has different ranks for different modes of ranked which is a huge pro as the games are very different to one another. The modes are as follows: Splat zones (same as turf war but in an enclosed area with a timer), tower control (ride a tower to the enemy side), rainmaker (carry an overpowered gun to the other side), clam rush (get clams in the enemy net). This leads to a lot of variety which is seen throughout the entire game

As you can choose from a wide variety of play styles by customizing you clothing with boosters and wield from a wide choice of weapons with different sub weapons. This is a huge pro as a wide variety of game styles such as snipers, up front and personal shooters and supporters can all play together. This however also leads to some cons as some weapons can be slightly unbalanced when in the hands of the right user on the right map, this also is apparent in the mode salmon run when weapons are chosen for you as some of them are much more powerful than others. As for the non-online play it is lacklustre at best as you only have solo mode which while fun limits your weapon choice and you lose access to all other fun modes previously discussed. Age range is for all as while being a 3rd person shooting game there is no gore present and is relatively easy to learn the controls with some practice. To summarize Splatoon 2 is popular for a reason and if you have the time and money to invest particularly in Nintendo online it will be guaranteed to give you a good time if shooter games are your style.

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