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One of the best Free Battle Royales

Fortnite. This game used to get a lot of hate from gamers in the past but for the last several months, Fortnite has dominated popular culture and won the hearts and minds of countless youth and an older generation, myself included. From the goofy emotes and cartoon graphics to the intense shootouts, there is a lot to enjoy about this game. At any given time of day or night, I can hop online and be thrown into the arena with ninety-nine other players, in a desperate attempt to loot, shoot, and build my way to victory.

I remember my first win on Fortnite. Two of my friends and me had been playing for what seemed like eternity to finally get a win. Finally, everything went just right: a Victory Royale! In no less than a second, our adrenaline was pumping and we were all shouting with excitement. While my friends had already won lots of games before this had been my first time and they were all very proud of me. It took a lot of trust and teamwork to get the win and our friendship improved even more because of that. In this way, competition is one of the best stimuli for comradery among friends.

Fortnite is all about (outside of solos) working as a team or a partner. This game really is a much more enjoyable game when you play with others. The communication within the game is what makes battle royale games so competitive. A lot of the people talk and will tell you where the enemies are and deciding on whether attacking them or leaving them be. You can also call for help for your partner or teammates when you are in trouble. Losing one of the people makes it that much harder to win a game so they will 90% come to your rescue. This game is known for communication, especially if you watch the really good players that play with others they will be talking 95% of the time.

What about children, though, whose brains are still developing, wouldn’t video games hurt their development? While it may seem surprising, studies have shown that video games have similar effects as before, particularly in areas of spatial reasoning. It would seem that Fortnite has great potential to enhance cognition for all ages.

The game is absolutely free. You do not have to pay anything to get it. You just go to the epic games website for pc or android. You can download it of the xbox or playstation store or the app store on an iphone. Of course there are in game purchases but they are all cosmetics and doesnt give anyone an unfair advantage over others.

You knew this was coming, in game purchases. A lot of the games now offer that. You of course have every right to not have to buy anything. That being said, this is the perfect time to buy skins and emotes from Fortnite because now all the revenue they collect for two weeks from the new season are going straight to Ukraine relief. Fortnite has already raised $36 million after just one day.

At the end of the day the reason why most people even play video games is to have fun. There are so many hilarious and cool things that you can do in this game and the developers really care about the community so they will constantly provide all us players of their game with content. A gamers plays games to have a few laughs, cool, and exciting moments. Games are meant to be played in a laid back fashion. Everyone has that reason that they play a game. It is to have fun and you will find a lot of that in Fortnite.

There is your reason to why Fortnite is one of the best Games out there. It has teamwork, great customization, Epic Gameplay (pun intended), in game purchases, builds new friendships, it's a free game, and it is really fun. I would encourage everyone who has a decent enough phone, PC or a console to try this game out Take the word from millions of people on YouTube and people that play this game on a basis. Now it's up to you whether you'll play it or not but if you do get into it, remember that its not always about winning and just have fun alone or with friends.

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