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CSGO Prime (B2P)
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Counter Strike one of the most popular fps of all time

It seems like every game I liked to play as a kid I still like to play now take CS:GO its one of the most popular games that dates back many years and might be one of the most successful games by valve, no i won't go over the other games that were made by valve that were successful since we will just get sad but of course I'm talking about half life and portal now luckily for us the kept going with counter strike with there is the 3 most popular titles of the game counter strike 1.6, source and global offensive now all 3 games have actually a very good player base still even counter strike 1.6 which is older than source but it turns out 1.6 is more popular to than source which came later the two games having 3-11 thousand players although that's quite a lot it really doesn't compare to cs: go which has 500,000 players being one of the most popular steam games of all time now to the surpise of to a lot of people csgo went free not to long ago so if you ever wanted to play now is the time to give the game a go altough the game is free I still would suggest getting a prime account for a well better exprience now why you still would want to pay for the game altough its free i will talk about now what is a prime account well it basically means that the game will put you with people that bought the game and it reduces the chance of meeting cheaters

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

The game has a ranking system going from silver IV to the global elite which means being one of the best players in the game now the truth is that the game isnt really only about having the best rank but if you think you are one of the best players and global elite is no problem fo you then i suggest you try ESEA or faceit which are paid platforms for the most elite players to earn their rank and become the best in the world now there game isnt really all about shooting and violence you can have fun in others ways as well as there are server which are made by the community which have many fun and different mini games such a prop hunt or surfing or b-hopping which are the two most popular things to do b-hopping means you jump in a specific way to get you movement faster it onvolves strafing which means pressing the A and D keys when you land jumping back into the other direction in a zig zag pattern now this movement is very hard to execute especially in cs:go if you dont use commands on private server you have a low chance of hitting a b hop and ssurfing is what it kinda sound like you have to go on the side of a sloped wall going along the wall you gain speed and ar thrown off at high speed with the aim being to land on another sloped wall and keep going as fast as possible

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Now unfortunate the game does have a dark side and that is cheating as a mentioned before if you decide to play the game for free you will meet a lot of cheaters which ruin the game they most likely will get banned but there is enough of them to meet one most games you play it really will ruin the experience for a new player as the cheating community is very vast with some cheats being paid and rather expensive to buy but they guarantee to get around vac which is valves and cheat but as you might guess this anti-cheat is not very good and a lot of cheats will not get detected now there is a system to report a player and get him/her overwatched which means another player will look at the game of the suspected cheater and if enough people think that the player is cheating they will get banned now to be able to overwatch other people you need to play game a lot so the system will allow you to overwatch and decide the fate of another player and thats the only real line of defense against cheater is not valve but the players them selves

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