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Aura Kingdom 3 articles
  • Aura Kingdom Zula a cool free competitive game

    Zula is a online game that has a lot of content and some very good graphics even better than some game that you pay to play them the gameplay is very good almost no bugs cause they get fixed so fast so you dont have to worry about that i heard a lot of people that say that free games are full with b...

  • Aura Kingdom Anime fun? or Just Quirky.

    Ive heard a lot about this game, "its too easy" or "Its just an MMORPG version of SAO". So as a few of my friends were getting into it I decided to check it out and decide for myself whether it deserves all the hate it gets or whether in reality its a pretty solid MMORPG. Im a huge fan of this sort...

  • Aura Kingdom MMORPG: Aura Kingdom Review

    Aura Kingdom is a free to play massively multiplayer online role playing game. It is also called Fantasy Frontier Online and Innocent World. It came out in December of 2013. It is a very anime styled 3D game that can be played on most systems unlike other MMORPGs that are out there and require beefy...