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Heroes Evolved 3 articles
  • Heroes Evolved Heroes Evolved: Review

    From what Ive played so far, Heroes Evolved is a fun game for anyone of any skill level. Theres a lot to do and so many heroes which allows for lots of game play with out anything getting repetitive. It also has a large item pool which means that there is a lot to get and use. Each hero seems to be...

  • Heroes Evolved Heroes Evolved or League of Legends?

    Nowadays "MOBA" is very popular and today I want to show you this new game called Heroes Evolved, this game is well developed and has a great quality graphics and very good visual details in each of the characters that exist in Heroes Evolved Many people might say that this game is a copy from Leagu...

  • Heroes Evolved Heroes Evolved - Other MOBA game

    Heroes Evolved, is a new game of the MOBA style, nowadays exist a great variety of games of this same style. Heroes Evolved for many will be very similar to the League of Legends, both in their battlefield design and on the skills of the characters or champions, this game if it has certain aspects v...