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  • Dragon Awaken Call of a war - an rpg elite game

    I have never seen a competitive game on the 22-player map last longer than 60 days, and in fact, most of them were over in 35 to 45 days. That said, it is not unusual for games played on the larger 50- and 100-player maps to continue for 90 or more days, and in some cases, for several months. Howeve...

  • Dragon Awaken Call of War Review of World War 2 game

    Welcome Back to World War IIby Youcef Baouchi<br />Obligation at hand: World at War is Treyarchs most recent section into the establishment. This game is incredible and it even outperforms last years work. Truth be told, I think this is the best World War II game to date. Last year, Infinity W...

  • Dragon Awaken My personal experience 8

    Dragon awaken is a multiplayer game where players are able to take on a role of their chosen hero from either male or female, I believe this is fair as the game is balanced and does not gender bias. The game is solely based on levelling up and fighting enemies by upgrading equipment and applying sto...

  • Dragon Awaken Complete Guide to Level 18 on Dragon's Awaken (Quickest Way, about 1-2 hours, browser game)

    Hello again! Im back again with one of these browser game guides for Bananatic but unlike my other guides this game has less "going on" if you will when it comes to preparing for the Bananatic quests. This time Ill also go a little bit into detail on how to succeed in getting browser games to regist...