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  • Sacred Saga Online My experience on Prime Status and Non Prime Status

    Hello, everyone, I am someone who plays CS GO on steam. Now, keep in mind I am not a total pro, not at all a pro I rarely top frag in games. Aside from that, I am here to tell you about being Prime and being Non-Prime in CS GO. I started as a non-prime gamer. I couldnt ask for money from my parents...

  • Sacred Saga Online How to get out of silver in CSGO.

    Counter-Strike Global Offensive went free to play, which of course means millions of new players are stuck in silver, simply unable to improve. There is never an upper limit for your rank, and there is always ways to improve, and in this guide I will highlight the main issues I have witnessed Silver...

  • Sacred Saga Online How to get out of Silver Ranks in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with THREE easy steps

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular games in e-sports with a ton of players playing the game every day, both competitive and casual. There is a lot of money that goes into competitive scenes and players trying hard to get better at the game. The ranking system in Counter-Stri...

  • Sacred Saga Online Counter-Strike: Silver Offensive

    I think we can all agree that CS 1.6 was the best Counter Strike game era, but I tell you, CS:GO has its own place in my heart. Theres just something about the game besides the clearly, more superior graphics, that hits me. Maybe its the steam that comes out of your ears when your teammates rush wit...

  • Sacred Saga Online My life started with this game

    CS:GO is my favorite game ever, I used to play Half Life and CS:1.6 when i was young, and when this game got released by Valve, it was a great improvement to the company and the players themselves. I spent most of my teenage days playing it, from what i like about this game theres the amazing maps e...