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Stronghold Kingdoms 3 articles
  • Stronghold Kingdoms Stronghold Kingdoms, an MMO from Firefly

    With Stronghold Kingdoms, the new free-to-play real-time strategy linked to the Stronghold saga, Firefly takes a new direction and is the increasingly popular online game. Registration is instantaneous, immediate check-ups and social interconnection already start on the homepage. Once you have acces...

  • Stronghold Kingdoms My review on Stronghold Kingdoms.

    Stronghold Kingdoms is a very fun game. You have to build a town (and castle) and protect it. As you grow you unlock more and more things which will help you in the future. I have reached level 4 and this is where the game starts to slow you down. To level up, you need the required amount of crowns...

  • Stronghold Kingdoms Free to play, pay to win? A word on the microtransactions

    This is a free to play game, and as with a large portion of free-to-play games, it sometimes turns out they are pay-to-win, requiring large amounts of microtransactions in order to make significant progress. If you read the Steam reviews, there are a lot of people saying that it is P2W. In my opinio...