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  • Momio Which legend to choose Part 2

    Welcome back everyone today I am gonna explain about two legends wraith and bangalore from apex legends.I had previously wrote an article on which legend to choose where I explained about dirst four legends Bloodhound,Gibraltar, Pathfinder and Lifeline. I checked that article later and I found lots...

  • Momio Which legend to choose

    Currently in Season 10 emergence We have 18 legends in Apex Legends so you have multiple legends to choose from today I am gonna make a guide for you so I could help you choose the right legend which suits your playstyle perfectly.This is only for beginners so the guide only describes the first six...

  • Momio Game designs and mechanics

    It is amazing.In the start i just love the graphics,guns and charecters they are amazing! The experience is exciting and adicting.I love how the charecters just look and their design,its so detailed.All about this game is good.I love when they jump from the play and when they open the parachute its...

  • Momio How to Apex Legends (Apex Legends guide)

    Okay, before I start reviewing this game, I need to explain what its about. So apex legends is a battle royale, theres different characters that you can use, the characters are called legends each legend has different unique abalities, at first you get about 6 or 5 legends, kind of forgot, anyways,...

  • Momio New pinging in-game system, so let's hop into new in-game update, which makes game even easier for newcomers and even pros!

    Battle royale games can feel, particularly for newcomers, like a monumental challenge. Even the most talented players will marathon through sessions in which their best efforts are laborious but futile. Forage for weapons and armor, scramble to eliminate other players for a momentary shot at glory,...

  • Momio Apex Legends Review!

    Apex LegendsWhats up, today I will give you my opinion on Apex Legends. Ive been playing the game for about a year now since its early days and I have stuck with it because of its awesome gameplay, its gameplay is very balanced sure there are some flaws here and there (mozambique) but its still able...

  • Momio Apex Legends review from my point of view!

    Apex legends is a battle royal game jut like Fortnite, but here you cant build. You can drop onto a map from a dropship and you need to find armor, weapons and ammo for the weapons. It is also good if you pick up some consumbales so you can heal back your health and also charge your damaged shield....

  • Momio Apex Legends - Perfect formula for Battle Royale

    Set in the Titanfall universe, Apex Legends is a battle royale style first-person shooter, with a little spice of Team Fortress 2 or Overwatch.Respawn Entertainment since its inception emerged as a developer hidden in many surprises. The 2014 Infinity Ward veterans were the year of the giant robotic...

  • Momio My take on Apex Legends

    Overview:Apex is a free-to-play battle royal game that came out unexpectedly and took the world by storm. No one suspected its success when it had rivals like Fortnite, PUBG, Csgo and Call of duty.Most people suspected due to it being made by EA it would be littered with game breaking micro-transact...