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  • Flower Knight Girl Is Warface dead? or shutting down? No it's not, go through my article to understand more about this game thank you.

    Warface is a renowned first person shooter game also known as fps game just like many other infamous games like counter strike, call of duty etc etc. It came in 2013, and its a very fun game to be very honest the idea is quite the same as call of duty not so different but its fun either way. It has...

  • Flower Knight Girl Warface advantages and qualities Review

    Today im going to represent to you a game that i really like and in my opinion need an extra attention from gamers arround the world , This game is warface. Warface is a game developed neither more nor less than by the people of crytek, people who have been behind great games like the legendary crys...

  • Flower Knight Girl One of the best online multiplayer shooters: Warface

    Warface is a free-to-play first person shooter game by Crytek which lets you compete with people around the world, or play campaign missions with 5 player co-op. I have played this game for 2 years, and its very good. Use your currency to buy new weapons and gear. Although Warface is a good game on...