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Is Warface dead? or shutting down? No it's not, go through my article to understand more about this game thank you.

Warface is a renowned first person shooter game also known as fps game just like many other infamous games like counter strike, call of duty etc etc. It came in 2013, and it's a very fun game to be very honest the idea is quite the same as call of duty not so different but it's fun either way. It has PVP and Pve options and offer ways to fight alongside or against your fellow gamers. You can learn the game easily, don't have to be a good fps player so there's that an easiness.

It is also free to play which of course is advantage to me and many other fellow gamers who cannot afford to pay for games because we are still students and we're not working neither are we earning nor we getting huge allowances from our parents that would allow us to buy games so thank you warface creators for making it free to play now we can enjoy call-of-duty like multiplayer games for free and enjoy the ride!! I love it, it's an amazing experience to play with friends, communicate and apply strategies.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Communication is the key to success. If you do not communicate with your teammates, you won't win this game I'm telling you. You do need a good microphone in working conditions to play this game because it may be fun but it takes hell of a brain, tactics and lot of other mechanics to win the game and people are not that friendly honestly so if you're not gonna communicate you might gonna face trash talk, toxicity issues so there's that a negative side to this game but hey which game doesn't have that? even counter strike have numerous toxic players and probably more than that of Warface. But yes we do need a mic to tell our teammates where the enemies are attacking from or which front are you gonna attack and you'd need help of your teammate at so that's a key factor.

Sad news for the xbox 360 players this game has been shut down from there I have no idea why but that's surely a bad thing to happened. Even I had an xbox 360 some time ago so if I hadn't upgraded to ps4 I might not be able to play this game and wouldn't be writing a review about it haha.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

You can see from the above screenshot attached how the graphics or the gameplay of Warface looks like. In my personal opinion the graphics looks pretty amazing for a free to play game cause the other free to play games that I have encountered have way too bad graphics, cgi and other stuff they are like kids game with an upgraded mechanism. Warface is just lovely, didn't disappoint truly I got to have pubg, call of duty and counter strike global offensive like experience in this one sole game which is free to play, it's just having an edge over the other first person shooter game just because it's free to play just because they all have same mechanism, same communication key required, similar tactics to some extent although tactics/strategies may change according to the map that we are not here to discuss for, that is for the players who have a good team, and have sound knowledge of the game or we can say the players who're pro at it it's for them.

Absolutely lovely game everyone should once play it specially those who cannot afford to buy other first person shooter games, they should experience it for sure, thanks a lot guys.

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