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  • Animal Jam Animal Jam- An Honest Review By A Non-Member (2021)

    Animal Jam! I remember playing this game back when I was way younger. Now I am a bit too old on it, but then I saw this game on the place and I thought: Wow! Lets play it again!So I present to you, a new updated 2021 review of Animal Jam! Upon creating my character (I was a penguin), I noticed that...

  • Animal Jam Animal Jam is an online virtual world

    National Geographic Television now offers a free browser game called Animal Jam. The goal is to introduce the youngest to the varied fauna of our beautiful planet, through an MMO (massively multiplayer game) filled with mini-games and educational information. Create your animal avatar and burrow Beg...

  • Animal Jam The best game for the little ones

    Recently spent some time devoting a detailed gaming session to Animal Jam, a free WildWorks MMO browser for kids and created for educational purposes in collaboration with National Geographic. Do not forget to take a look at our first video of the game. In this title users will interpret a cute and...

  • Animal Jam Animal Jam - Before You Try

    Animal Jam, the game that everyone in the 3rd grade was playing. We all gathered our characters in someones house, and just spent hours upon hours, talking, trading items, and overall, not paying attention to class. This was all that we needed to have fun back then, a colorful cast of animals, the f...

  • Animal Jam How To Get A Black Top-Hat

    Top-hats are some of the rarest items in the game and are highly sought out. Black top-hats are one of the rarest variations. They are a beta item meaning they were available in the beta but cant be bought anymore. This will show you the most popular ways to get on of the rarest in game items. Discl...

  • Animal Jam National Geographic's Animal Jam Review

    Animal Jam is a fun online game with a large community of players and a lot to do. It is also filled with educational videos and articles to read and watch, you can learn and play at the same time. While the game is targeted for younger children, that doesnt mean it shouldnt be played by anyone! The...

  • Animal Jam My opinion on the game.

    When i was younger for 2 years straight i played this game. it used to be fun and better than it is now since its mainly targeted towards kids. i dont like the taste of the game very much anymore, thats obvious though because Im older, nor am i younger anymore. The account you see Im using is the ex...