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How To Get A Black Top-Hat

Top-hats are some of the rarest items in the game and are highly sought out. Black top-hats are one of the rarest variations. They are a beta item meaning they were available in the beta but can't be bought anymore. This will show you the most popular ways to get on of the rarest in game items. Disclaimer: Top-hats are a members-only item meaning that you need to pay for membership to wear it but you don't need to be a member to obtain it and store it in your inventory.

Minor Points

Scamming is a big thing in Animal Jam so you really need to check up on you rares.

Some people will try to convince you that different color of top-hats are "glitched" black top-hats the image below is a genuine black top-hats. Even though these people are extremely rare, they exist. For me, at least.
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You need to be a member to do this, but the forgotten desert is a very common way to get rare items in general. Although the chance that you'll get a top-hat first try is very slim. It is an up to 4 player adventure. Another way is to know your rares. You could be under trading very easily and not know it. Sites like the guide to animal jam Blogspot and youtube channels like Julian2 can help with that.

Related links - Julian2 - Rarity chart

Just type "rarity" into Julian2's channel search bar and you should see the videos.

Minor Points

There are a lot of sites on the topic like the animal jam expert, animal jam item guide, wiki how, and if you search for it in the videos tab, you'll get more detailed explanations.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Lastly, join animal jam live streams. There is at least 1 going on at any given time. At least from my experience. Youtubers like Wisteriamoon, Appari, and Bepper give away items almost every video. It's not even that hard to join. Usually, you just have to comment what they tell you to enter.

Minor Points

Alandan is the most popular server in the whole of animal jam. It is the most popular for trading but is home to a lot of scammers.

If someone says they'll gift you a top-hat if you gift them something first, don't. The is a trading system for a reason. Gifting is for exactly that. Sending gift. Not trading.

Don't give anyone your password in return for rares, I know you've probably heard this more times than you can count but you'd be surprised how many people actually fall for this daily. It's so basic you forget about it sometimes.
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