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  • Mafia Battle How to get to townhall 6 fast in Clash of Clans

    When you first start playing the game do the tutorial but do not spend any gems wait it out since u will need those gems later. Also when u are at the goblin map only use 1 wizard since u will need the 2 other ones when u start to attack other players. When you have completed the tutorial all you ha...

  • Mafia Battle Clash of Clans review

    Clash of Clans launched in 2012 and is quite popular still today. Clash of Clans is a strategy game where you build a village, attack others and defend your village. Clash of Clans was really popular back in 2012-2015 and was played by a lot of people and some celebrities. Clash of Clans is still qu...

  • Mafia Battle Game review of Clash of Clans

    What is Clash of Clans all about? Clash of clans has lots to offer for a mobile game. It is a strategic game about base defense and attack. You will build your own village, with lots of buildings, towers, resources and many more. This game can increase your strategic approach on games specially when...