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  • Dark Genesis wow!!What an amazing hero strategy game!

    As the title suggests, I roughly understand that this game should be classified as a hero strategy game.The background design of this game is not complicated at all, and you can even think of this game as having no plot. Players only need to keep operating the generals to defeat all kinds of monster...

  • Dark Genesis Upgrading Your Fighters

    Dark Genesis is a fantasy fighter game so it is crucial to upgrade equipment and level up your characters. Each character has four stars and the more stars you have the stronger your character.The first way to level up your character is to play in the fighting arena. For each level you beat you rece...

  • Dark Genesis My Thoughts about Dark Genesis

    Overall, I think the game is amazing. I really like the characters, the quests, the battling, and the user interface. The user interface is really friendly and communicative. One thing I am concerned about, is the number of features. Dont get me wrong, I love the upgrading, and the powerups, but I t...