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wow!!What an amazing hero strategy game!

As the title suggests, I roughly understand that this game should be classified as a hero strategy game.

The background design of this game is not complicated at all, and you can even think of this game as having no plot. Players only need to keep operating the generals to defeat all kinds of monsters, this game can get rave reviews and the appeal of pure gameplay.

When I enter the game, he can subtly guide me how to operate and how to play the game well, which is very caring us !The daily challenge mode in the game can maintain the freshness of the players every day, and this is a pseudo-random form, which means that the players all stand at a unified starting point, and they can think about the style of play without the luck factor, and there are The existence of the hierarchical system can arouse players' competitiveness, constantly pursue the optimal solution, and find good equipment to fight various types of monsters. For game developers, this also provides a large amount of data. , which can be planned for subsequent development.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

The screen is very simple, there are no redundant pages, and various functions are relatively easy to view.

If you want to be strong, there are two necessary conditions. First, you need to have more powerful heroes to help you win every war and defeat all kinds of monsters, and for each hero there are advantages and disadvantages of skills, which requires you to further understand; second, you need Better weapons to improve your hero's combat ability, these equipments have various attribute bonuses, and in each instance you can see whether your hero has an advantage, so that you can better control the hero's listing. Although I have only experienced the game for three days now, I can roughly understand the general content and ideas of the game. The game designer cleverly provides players with ways to play the game well, and presents them with simple ideas, no matter whether you have played the game or not. Type game, as long as you go through the game step by step, you can also successfully complete the understanding of Dark Genesis.I will recommend this game for you .I think you must like it if you can trust me.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

The main reason I like this game the most is that it has a system that automatically spawns monsters when it hangs up. It provides players with a lot of "freedom", that is, you don't need to keep an eye on the game all the time, no matter when you are working or at other busy times, the system will help you fight mobs and provide you with certain , which is a pretty cool mechanic!

In addition, this game will give you certain check-in rewards every day, as well as some special rewards for various activities, such as gems and equipment, as well as hero lottery tickets. If you can sign in the game every day, you will get a good deal Equipment and gems, that will make it easier for you to deal with each instance and each boss.
Finally, what I want to say is that each hero has a corresponding skill type. They have different types of damage and rich skill special effects. They are the highlights of niche games, so you must use each skill to deal with it. Each copy and boss.

The above is a screenshot of my game content, join Dark Genesis together.

5.0 (1)
Author Jackielee258
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