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  • Crossfire My thinking on Crossfire

    Crossfire is a social subtraction game in Ghost Reconnaissance. In the final work, Emerson Matsuuchi (called Century: Spice Road) and plaid hat games, each player has a mission to set goals. The characters of the game are different among players, and there are two ways to play. In the "shooting" mod...

  • Crossfire What‘s Crossfire?Look at this!

    The game tells the story of two major Global mercenaries group Global Risk and Black List between the showdown. There are team mode, team game, blasting mode, ghost mode and other modes. Lurker:No one knows who created the lurk mercenary company, or where its headquarters are. Some say it serves thi...

  • Crossfire Crossfire, is it good

    Crossfire (CF) is a first person shooters by SmileGate in Korean The raid was released by VTC Game (In Vietnam) , maintained and developed from the beginning to the present. With great context, attractive gameplay, vivid graphics are beautiful and regularly updated with new objects, systems and char...