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  • Forge of Empires How to move buildings......

    This may seem silly, but it took me forever to figure out how to move a building once I put it in a spot that did not have access to a road. Frustrating! Especially as I knew it was in the tutorial. I searched high and low on the building tab, becoming more and more irritated as time went on and I c...

  • Forge of Empires Forge of Empires Working Link and How to get Through Quests Go BANANAS

    Hi Everyone, MickFly here. I have been trying to max my experience points (XP) and the best way is to play one game with quests at a time. I recently found Forge of Empire, it is a simple game that requires a few clicks and time investment. The like on Bananatics at this moment is broken and leads t...

  • Forge of Empires The Forge of Empires experience

    I started out Forge of Empires for bananas several years ago. Its one of those games where you build up a little town mostly, and have a few battles on the side. It can be easy to blow through the first few levels, though you really want to take your time with this game. It takes about a year or mor...

  • Forge of Empires Empires Empires EMPIRES!

    So what is Forge of Empires? Well Forge of Empires is a game where you are placed in charge of creating a Empire from a small stone age village. The game offers a variety of play styles, if you are like me and love building an army and just dominating your opponents then you will very much enjoy FoG...

  • Forge of Empires My personal experience 5

    Forge of Empires is a great game when it comes to strategising your way to level up, it is a simple traditional game which follows up on the era of all humanity. The whole game involves the mouse utility and allows you to advance in the game with your knowledge on how resources are used, you have a...

  • Forge of Empires Forge Of Empires A Great Free To Play!

    So where do I start with such a great little game? I had the pleasure of playing this game while earning some points so not much else can be said apart from a fun experience and earning points too! when you begin you will be in the stone age and the tutorial will soon get you out of it into the bron...

  • Forge of Empires Forge Of Empires: A strategic way to spend your free time!

    Forge of Empires is a strategy game reminiscent to Clash of Clans, with an emphasis on building a strong community and researching new technologies through the ages, such as more effective tools and building up a defense against enemies. The game has had me hooked from the start, when I used to play...

  • Forge of Empires Positively surprised

    I Have Begun on this website yesterday and i have accepted my first offer : Play “Forge of Empires” and I must say that I am impressed. The game runs smoothly on my aged notebook (Lenovo ThinkPad X220 if someone is wondering). The game however did force me to refresh the browser as I did experience...

  • Forge of Empires Owning areas/ Cutting corners

    This is more a tip than anything else, But what I found is early on when you want to own areas, your army is depleting rapidly and you have the boring wait to make more. Honestly, I played this game just for the bananas, its not really my style of game so I wanted it over with pretty fast and put in...