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  • Slime CCG Quick Guide to The Game of Minecraft

    Minecraft is a survival game, simple as that, many people do not like it because of being, you know, so "squared" if you may. Besides its crazy graphics, you can notice it is a game with tons of work behind it sometimes is very complicated and stressful, but when you get over these (sometimes enragi...

  • Slime CCG How to download & install mods for Minecraft: Java Edition

    If you enjoy the game Minecraft but are getting tired of it, you might want to look into mods. Mods, which stands for "modifications", are software components that can alter how "Minecraft" functions. Some mods have the ability to transform mobs into very powerful enemies. With the help of a few twe...

  • Slime CCG Minecraft's New Terrain Generation is Breathtaking

    Ill be honest with you, I always wondered why it felt like Minecrafts terrain never really got me. Mountains were more like hills, caves were just stone and nothing else, and I mean sometimes chunks just struggled to load things properly and youd just get a ravine within a ravine within a mineshaft...

  • Slime CCG How to Beat Minecraft

    Wooden AgeAlright youve created a new world and you feel lost seeking left and right for an objective to pop up ,but alas there is an objective "Punch down a tree".What? How does one get about doing this you may ask ,easy its a game dont question it too much. There are a lot of things this game has...

  • Slime CCG It's unbelievable, too horrible

    Minecraft is a virtual sandbox that provides players all the tools they need to explore a vast world, harvest resources and create almost everything they can imagine. The story in Minecraft is whatever players want, when the player customizes their world and the creatures in it as well as how they c...

  • Slime CCG Minecraft Nintendo switch review. Why is it so popular?

    Minecraft is a iconic sandbox game that is available on every platform imaginable such as: Nintendo switch, Xbox, pc, mobile and most likely quite a few more. It was released in 2011 but wasnt released for the switch until 2018. This was around the time that is had a resurgence in popularity and soc...

  • Slime CCG Minecraft Review BY batniga (the best minecraft player)

    Minecraft is the number 1 selling game. It was created by Mojang which was later bought by Microsoft. The idea was made by the Ceo Markus Persson. Everybody loves Minecraft. It has a lot of communities in which people are either nice or kind. Or they can be toxic 9 year olds. There are lots of thing...

  • Slime CCG The only building guide you will need in Minecraft.

    It is strange to think that a simple game such as Minecraft can have so many small details. Building in general, as well as in Minecraft, can be seen as a form of art. Making art, does require a set of steps to nail. With that being said here is everything you need to start building like a pro: Pre-...

  • Slime CCG How to efficiently find diamonds.

    In this tutorial, I will tell you how to efficiently find diamonds in Minecraft Survival. First, you will need proper tools - break a few trees and get a lot of wood, make a crafting table and some sticks. On the surface, find animals or a village or any source of food. Make sure you grab enough so...

  • Slime CCG Importance of wood and cobblestone in MInecraft

    Everything is starting by getting a wood. Basically survival in Minecraft cant leave woods. You could get wood very easily, just through your hands when you just spawn in the Minecraft world! However, many players would forget how important wood is helping them to survive in Minecraft world because...

  • Slime CCG Minecraft Guide to Ender Dragon

    Minecraft is one of the games out there that even a nongamer can enjoy and recognize it . It was created originaly by Noch but now it is Mojangs. One of the reasons this is a awesome game is because , Minecraft has a simple concept, a infinite world full of opportunities and fun but it can be pretty...

  • Slime CCG Minecraft the amazing game review and tutorial

    Hello,Minecraft is a sandbox game that you can make anything you can imagine in it (Making mods,building, etc...). Minecraft was made in 2009 by a developer called Notch. There are 2 version of minecraft. The first is “Java edition” and the second version is “bedrock” edition. Java edition is usuall...

  • Slime CCG Minecraft Guide: The First Night.

    Do you need some help to get through one of the toughest parts of a Minecraft survival world? Yes, I’m talking about the first night. The first night is where players usually don’t have access to advanced weapons or gear, which makes it complicated to defeat hostile mobs, and other adversities. I wi...

  • Slime CCG What is Minecraft and why you should get it!

    Minecraft is a great game for people that love building or surviving, there are 4 game modes to play(Hardcore, Creative, Hardcore & Survival) all of them are a lot of fun. I suggest downloading Minecraft as there are unlimited options on what you can do, best thing is though that you can play online...

  • Slime CCG Hosting server myself and with role Admin

    When i try hosting the server in my PC, that just simple because download the server.jar, but when it come to download at curseforge, is difficult it set the mod because i need to watch and watch the different tutorial at youtube. But when i run up the server and crash because out of memory, my mind...