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  • Slime CCG Hosting server myself and with role Admin

    When i try hosting the server in my PC, that just simple because download the server.jar, but when it come to download at curseforge, is difficult it set the mod because i need to watch and watch the different tutorial at youtube. But when i run up the server and crash because out of memory, my mind...

  • Slime CCG Minecraft - Top 5 Beginner Tips!

    Are you new to Minecraft? Are you not really good at playing the game? Do not blame yourself. Minecraft is a game that has no tutorial, no explanation how to play it or what you should do. But do not worry because today, I am here, and I will give you some basic tips to hopefully help you become bet...

  • Slime CCG My Decade-long experience

    To start this article off I would like to say that I really do love Minecraft for personal and aesthetic reasons. This is a game I truly love, I had a lot of my great memories on this game and is one of my favorite games of all-time, it truly set the boundary for indie-survival games, and survival g...

  • Slime CCG A Review of Minecraft

    Sandbox fun. Minecraft isnt an impressive game. The graphics throws you at an older era. The game is simple: Left Mouse to break, and Right Mouse to build. But theres this one aesthetic that makes it so fun, be it building yourself a house or participating in a faction war on a massive server. Origi...

  • Slime CCG The joy of Multiplayer

    In the early years of my childhood, I loved video games. I cant relate to 90s kids because I wasnt one of them, but one thing I can boast is that I was able to play Minecraft before it gathered the terrible reputation it has today.Minecraft at that time was a barebones survival game with nothing muc...

  • Slime CCG First Look At: Slime CCG

    Check out this video to see my first look at Slime CCG. Also if you guys would like to see more videos on the game post a comment and I would be happy to make more entries!