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Minecraft's New Terrain Generation is Breathtaking

I'll be honest with you, I always wondered why it felt like Minecraft's terrain never really got me. Mountains were more like hills, caves were just stone and nothing else, and I mean sometimes chunks just struggled to load things properly and you'd just get a ravine within a ravine within a mineshaft (the ravines were also pretty boring, and a death trap).

That changes greatly with the Caves and Cliffs Update aka Minecraft ver. 1.18. It officially came out November 30, 2021 (with a minor update coming out on December 10, 2021, making the latest version 1.18.1). This update rolled its sleeves and really took the time to make terrain generation something special. The Y-Level is now -64, further expanding the world and giving it space to show off its new kicks. Deep, dark, terrifying caves that you must brave to get precious Diamonds, intimidating and yet beautiful mountains at every turn, and the way biomes can have a better chance at smoothly transitioning from one to the next, it's truly something to behold. Not to mention the slew of new items and the like to make each area more amazing to look at than the last.

We, of course, still have our funky generation here and there, but it feels more now that it adds to a world's charm rather than detracts from it.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

(Pictured: 4 Different Biomes Blending into one another. Namely, the Dark Forest, the Birch Forest, Grove, and the Old Growth Pine Taiga)

From what we can see here, the terrain blends into one another, though I'll admit the snow is a bit misplaced (again, funky generation, but the transition feels and looks more improved from what it once was!) The snow bleeds into the Taiga, the birch finds its way around the dark forest, the dark forest brushes shoulders with all of them, it's the circle of life! Square of life, maybe.

Unfortunately, with this picture, it's not so easy to admire the mountains, but just from the depth the blocks gives here, I believe you can imagine just how tall they are! And rest assured, at this review's end, you will get the seed of this world + coordinates to the location of both pictures, so stay tuned for that one! I highly encourage going on to explore it!

Fun fact! According to my coordinates, I took this screenshot at around Y level 180! I stood around one of the snowy trees and reached Y level 139, too. If talk of depth wasn't enough to prove it, then hopefully those numbers will!

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

(Pictured: A Lush Cave Biome)

Fun fact, this picture was taken at Y level -8! Spooky! Terror aside, though, this has to be one of my favorite new biomes. The greenery really gets rid of that dull grey stone has and adds so much life to an area that feels impossible to be lived in. We can also see bits and pieces of other blocks including clay, deepslate, and moss. This screenshot makes the wait feel all the more worth it.

Minecraft's generation has really gone a long way. From its early days where chunks just wouldn't load to the point that it became a strategy to just peak over the edge to see if there were any ores in the spaces left behind, to a cave full of life and a mountain taller than we've ever seen, it is for sure a sign that Minecraft is going a long way to give players something interesting to do every day.

So, what are you waiting for! Grab your game and go explore! Or maybe go watch someone explore it? Either way, have fun and take it all in!

(Thought I forgot about this, huh?

Seed: 7384387051889240476

Picture 1 XZ Coordinates: -1508, 2185*

Picture 2 XYZ Coordinates: 51, -8, 2694

Have fun, tourist!)

*Picture 1 is above ground, so there is no need to stress about specific Y levels there! Just fly or walk around and you should find it!)

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