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Minecraft Nintendo switch review. Why is it so popular?

Minecraft is a iconic sandbox game that is available on every platform imaginable such as: Nintendo switch, Xbox, pc, mobile and most likely quite a few more. It was released in 2011 but wasn't released for the switch until 2018. This was around the time that is had a resurgence in popularity and social media. It has a very large and active community on the internet with many famous faces playing this game on websites such as YouTube or Twitch. These include Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, DanDTM, dream and more. It is almost constantly getting new updates by the creators at Mojang and also getting new mods from the forever working fanbase. It is a game suitable for all ages as it is easy to play, easily accessible and has the flexibility to be simple enough for young children yet have enough mechanics to appease a older more mature audience. Even if you are not a fan of Sandbox style games I would then recommend you try out one of their spinoffs such as the adventure games or even their more recent Minecraft Dungeon game.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Back the actual game at hand, as I mentioned the mechanics are simple yet engaging. The options of what you can do and create in this game are only limited by the 256 block height limit and your own imagination. There are 2 main modes used by players. The first and arguably more used mode is Survival where you have a health limit and must gather resources and food and learn to survive the Minecraft wilderness while fighting off the creatures in the night. These also can be beached off into difficulty levels ranging from peaceful where monsters (called mobs) that wish to only cause harm are eliminated; all the way to hard where they are literally speaking breaking down your doors. There is also a branch of this called hardcore mode meaning if and when you finally die you will never enter that server again as you can only die once. This concludes the survival mode and mechanics, however we still have the creative mode to discuss and review so continue to read to hear about that mode.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Creative mode is based on what Minecraft was created to be, which is a sandbox game. You do not have to worry about monsters or health or even hunger just creating your masterpieces. That you can then bring people over to see in game, however if you do this on switch for more than 1 person you often need to not only buy a world for this but pay your Nintendo online bill also so that mechanic may be costly for a penny pinching gamer. Besides that you are given access to all blocks in game to create whatever your heart desires to a world of unlimited space. Anything you desire from recreating real life monuments to building your own fantasy city is possible in this mode if you have the imagination, patience and most time. If you struggle with this however you are not a lost cause as there are many online tutorials to help and guide you on how to build a work of art or even just provide inspiration for your future creations. To conclude this game has gained all the love it deserves and there is very little negatives as even if you dislike Sandbox style games they have wonderful spin off versions at roughly the same price. If you do like sandbox games however and want to be on trend with the gaming community or simply just wanna let your mind run wild then I implore you to purchase this game and try it out.

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