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Battlefield 4 (B2P) 7 articles
  • Battlefield 4 (B2P) Battlefield 4: Getting Older But Still Worth It

    Battlefield 4 may have been released quite a while ago, but the servers are still full of people. The game has a singleplayer campaign to introduce newbies to the game. The campaign is passable and offers some fairly fun gameplay. In the game, you play as Recker the leader of Tombstone Squad, a grou...

  • Battlefield 4 (B2P) Modern Warfare Done Right

    I started playing Battlefield way back in the day when Battlefield 3 was free on Playstation plus. I really enjoyed the game play and sank hours into it. so i knew i wanted to pick up the sequel as soon as i heard about it. Battlefield 4 was released in 2013, and its campaign stars Sargent Blackburn...

  • Battlefield 4 (B2P) A Battlefield 4 Review

    Battlefield has always been a unique game.Whether it be through its game play, diverse weapon options, vehicles, upgrades, and the diverse combat roles . The game provides hours of game play that prove to be both, exciting the whole time and new and interesting. A game of this genre this is usually...

  • Battlefield 4 (B2P) Battlefield 4: The next step in gaming

    Battlefield 3 was an impressive game, but Battlefield 4 only got better. In this review I will tell you my opinion on the multiplayer, campaign, and general game play. First I would like to talk about the improvements from Battlefield 3. The most noticeable improvement was the controls. Battlefield...

  • Battlefield 4 (B2P) Better Than the Last

    Based off past experiences with the battlefield franchise, BF4 was on par with Battlefield 3 graphics wise, destruction of environment has been greatly improved making maps dynamic. Story mode somewhat had a connection to BF3 which I really liked the campaign, you are Sgt. Daniel Recker, a member of...

  • Battlefield 4 (B2P) best shooter other than call of duty

    battlefield 4 a game that was released on October 29, 2013 and the game still has high player counts. Its crazy to think that battlefield 4 a game that isnt even the new battlefield has higher player counts than battlefield hardline. In its peak hours has higher player counts than battlefield 1 whic...

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  • Battlefield 4 (B2P) The Mighty Battlefield 4 Review

    Ahh... we have all been here, Battlefield 4. One of the biggest FPS shooters out there for all platforms. But some people have mixed views on Battlefield, Im here to sum it all up! First off, this is more aimed at PC users, because of the following on what Im about to say. The games compatibility wi...