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Battlefield 4 (B2P)
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A Battlefield 4 Review

Battlefield has always been a unique game.Whether it be through it's game play, diverse weapon options, vehicles, upgrades, and the diverse combat roles . The game provides hours of game play that prove to be both, exciting the whole time and new and interesting. A game of this genre this is usually going to fall subject to over use of certain encounters or game play, which can be entertaining if done right, but this game seems to lack the over use of any kind that I have been able to find. Both the online, and single player mode of this game are very interesting. While I personally enjoy the multiplayer aspect of the game, the single player provides a compelling story with interesting, if not cheesy, characters and relationships. Usually when making a game like this, story is not a main focus but this game pulls it off well.
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The multiplayer has an almost extensive amount of unique game play. Using it's different game modes, such as Obliteration mode and Conquest mode, it's massive amount of weapons and different load outs that provide an exciting game, even if it's something new to you. One thing that makes Battlefield 4 stand out from other games in it's genre, in my opinion, is the vehicles and how they actually effect game play, and how they are actually used in non story mode/singe player, and as I said before the vast amount of game modes that are able to be played in the multiplayer part of the game. Each one gives the player new challenges and game play, no matter what you like to do in games there is sure to be something for you. There are times where the game seems repetitive or boring when in multiplayer, but that can be easily fixed by simply choosing from one of the many other game modes.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
While Battlefield 4 is obviously not a game that everyone will enjoy, I feel like almost anyone can play it and at least have some fun with it. It has done well against other competitors in it's genre with unique features that are either underused or not used at all in games similar to it. While games like Battlefield 4 can feel really generic, I believe it gives the player the basic First Person Shooter game mechanics while throwing in new things that make the game interesting but not so many too make it too difficult to actually operate. Though the multiplayer is the main focus of the game, the single player is still worth playing if that is something you are interested in, just know that the multiplayer aspects of the game are what were focused on and don't expect anything too amazing. Battlefield 4 does a lot to stand out from it's competitors and with so many games in it's genre, I believe that is really unique and makes this game worth buying.
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Author RimmyTim
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