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Battlefield 4 (B2P)
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best shooter other than call of duty

battlefield 4 a game that was released on October 29, 2013 and the game still has high player counts. Its crazy to think that battlefield 4 a game that isn't even the new battlefield has higher player counts than battlefield hardline. In its peak hours has higher player counts than battlefield 1 which is the newest battlefield in 2017. It sometimes even has higher player counts than call of duty which is crazy because this game is 4 years old. This game is still really fun even tho its a game that is 4 years old even if you don't play multiplayer you can still have fun in the campaign which is not the best but its still a really good campaign. I do recommend playing this game i have around 15 days on this game and i don't regret playing this game because it is really fun and i had some of the best times on this game.
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The multiplayer on this game has so many modes but the one the one that attracts most people is conquest which is like domination but play on a big map like a big map and there is all types of vehicles like boats and helicopters and tanks etc. and is a really fun game mode. There is also conquest small which is exactly like conquest large but just on a smaller map its still really fun tho. There is also rush which is a bomb plant and defuse type of game mode which is fun if you got a couple of friends to play i try to get a 5 man squad when i play rush. It is really fun tho I recommend you get this game because it is really fun to play. I rate this game a 9/10 and an 100 on metacritic. The reason why i would rate it so high is because it is really a good game and people who havent played this game are really missing out.
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If you like sniping in game this game is really good with the sniping element because you can go up in the mountains in conquest and get some really good angles and you can get some really nice kills. There is also a ton of customization in this game you can customize from you character all the way to the vehicles in the game which is sick and the attachment system is pretty cool because all you have to do is get kill with the weapon which is not that hard to do. I average 30 kills a game with a sniper and at a low level you would get like 1 or 2 attachments a game which is really fast for a shooter/ strategy game. Overall id recommend you buy this game for what its worth now it isn't an expensive game its only like twenty dollars at game stop so id recommend you guys go to game stop and buy this game.

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