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Battlefield 4 (B2P)
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Battlefield 4: Getting Older But Still Worth It

Battlefield 4 may have been released quite a while ago, but the servers are still full of people. The game has a singleplayer campaign to introduce newbies to the game. The campaign is passable and offers some fairly fun gameplay. In the game, you play as Recker the leader of Tombstone Squad, a group of Marines who will help you out fight the Chinese and the Russians. The missions are fairly varied trying to introduce the player to Battlefield letting you experience the signature destruction and the Levelution which was added in this game by destroying large set pieces in your fight against the Chinese. Between the fun set pieces and decent gameplay the campaign pulls through and does what it set out to do; teach the player how to play Battlefield 4. Of course it isn't a narrative masterpiece but that isn't what it was meant to be.
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The main attraction in Battlefield 4 is definitely is multiplayer. The base game includes enough maps to satisfy any player and with the Free DLC maps, the already ample choices are broadened. The base game comes with varied map types like the vehicle focused Golmud Railway, which includes every vehicle in the game; contrasted by, the infantry heavy Operation Locker. Other maps also focus on various aspects of the game with Paracel Storm giving players a taste of naval combat in the stormy waters of the Pacific. Hainan Resort is by far my favorite of the maps in the base game giving a balance between infantry and vehicles. Battlefield 4 also has other game modes including the always brilliant Rush, that offers infantry gameplay that is more intense than conquest with the offense/defense dynamic.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
DLC wise Battlefield 4 is in no ways lacking the first DLC China Rising gives the player new weapons and maps that are pure Battlefield, the Chinese landscape offers the perfect place for air battles and the return of Air Superiority was a natural fit. Second Assault brings back fan-favorite maps from Battlefield 3 and they are just as good and improved by the new Levelution. The following DLC Naval Strike focuses on the naval combat of the game and introduces the new game mode Carrier Assault a mix of Conquest and Rush on the high seas. Next came Dragon's Teeth an infantry-centric DLC that gives four maps of urban combat and the Desert Eagle, along with chainlink an infantry focused version of conquest. Lastly comes Final Stand with wide open maps in the frigid climate of Russia the DLC also includes the end of the Phantom Assignment missions giving access to a bow. Overall I definitely would recommend Battlefield 4 to any fan of FPS games.
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Author Cromwell
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