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Battlefield 4 (B2P)
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Better Than the Last

Based off past experiences with the battlefield franchise, BF4 was on par with Battlefield 3 graphics wise, destruction of environment has been greatly improved making maps dynamic. Story mode somewhat had a connection to BF3 which I really liked the campaign, you are Sgt. Daniel Recker, a member of an elite special forces group. The story takes place some six years after battlefield.The story-line itself, is done very poorly. Instead of giving them a back story, it focuses on the action within the story. Multiplayer was the most fun with friends in a 64 player server. The better the graphics, the system requirements increase. In order to play the game smoothly you need decent hardware from the last five years. The console version runs at 30 frames per second but it still keeps its immersive experience intact.
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The multiplayer experience brings back the nostalgic memories created within the previous titles, one way this was done was by implementing weapons that were in BF3. Compared to BF3, navigation through your weapon or attachments menu is complicated when you don't really know the game. BF3s format made it difficult to hit the wrong button or accidentally deploy when you’re not finished setting up your class. Vehicle implementation was an improvement since battlefield 3 felt more like a running simulator during conquest matches. Battlefield 4 was built for PC and next-gen and it shows. PS3 and 360 FPS and an even more impressive online game, but the maps are too big for the oldest technology. Overall the experience of being matched up with skilled players was decent. Your skill level has no cap within this title, sometimes a kill can be all luck.
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The game mechanics have been one of the smoothest from the previous franchises while keeping weapons balanced to keep the playing field fair. The level cap can keeps players occupied and coming back for their enjoyment. Many enjoy playing the game for its random and funny moments. With other games such as call of duty, its very repetitive but battlefield is very unique with ways to win game modes. the large-scale destructive events that change the maps already seems to be slowing down. Had several games where players prefer playing the objective while everything remains untouched. One complaint I had was the removal of suppression blur, this allowed players to recognize the threat and think of their options to outplay another player within the opposing team. Now you have to either listen close to confirm you are the one being shot at.
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Author dexorez
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