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Battlefield 4 (B2P)
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The Mighty Battlefield 4 Review

Ahh... we have all been here, Battlefield 4. One of the biggest FPS shooters out there for all platforms.

But some people have mixed views on Battlefield, I'm here to sum it all up!

First off, this is more aimed at PC users, because of the following on what I'm about to say.

The game's compatibility with PC's. Yes...the game can run on any PC with a decent CPU and GPU. But with some certain cards, the game will not even boot, which is a problem I think Dice need to fix, so do have a little google before buying this game.
Although this game might have some issues with the game itself, and compatibility issues, you also need to be aware of the graphical power you might need to play Battlefield 4 on high settings. I myself have tried to run this on all Top end settings with a 970 and it worked perfectly fine getting around 60 - 80 Frames a second, which is more than the eye can see so is at a good edge when it comes to it. In comparison to call of Duty, Black Ops 2, for example, it's really wimpy when it comes to the graphical power needed. And even me with a 970 has to run it with minimal settings as they didn't equate for PC users at all. If you are on Xbox / PlayStation, you need not worry as the game was designed to run on their perfectly, and you might get some lag issues with the servers, but nothing else should stop you from losing frames gameplay wise.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Let's get into the Battlefield!

So what is Battlefield and why is it better than CoD or CSGO.

Well... Battlefield is an FPS Shooter game, that alot of CoD players turn a blind eye to because it's the main opposition to Call of Duty.
Battlefield is full of moving structures, vehicles and other remotely unique features that CoD / CSGO and a majority of other FPS games don't even include.

Battlefield 4 is full of eventful maps, and players with a great campaign to play with. It had took me 6 days to finish the campaign, but after I had finished it, I had felt quite sad because it was no longer there for me to play. But then the mighty multiplayer came along, in all its glory, and I just had to play it.

The overall feel for Battlefield's multiplayer was quite unique, nearly breaking convention for all the other FPS shooters out there.
But within this, people also used Battlefield as a gateway to First Person reality, with stunning graphics for all to enjoy.

Even the water features, which alot of game's miss out because of the amount of graphical power needed, they dont miss out on that from the picture above, as you can see, water effects are just as good as every other effect!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Moving into the weapons;

Some of Battlefields weapons are full replicas of what you would see in the real combat zone.
Starting off with the pistols, weapons such as SW40 or the M9119. These weapons are the bane of the opposition, The SW40 being the Hand cannon to destroy opponents, and the M9119 being the weapon that no one really likes because of its fast pace movement and shot speed.

Other weapons such as the Carbines in the game, e.g the G53, Mx4 Storm and the M4, are all weapons that have great fire rate, damage and can improve a player massively because of the accuracy of weapons such as the M4. Of course the most accurate weapons being the Scar-H, it's a weapon that is not missed from the opposing side. This weapon can pack a punch and you dont even have to have the skill to use it! (Image above SCAR-H)

To put weapons aside for a moment, the feature that sets battlefield aside from other FPS' Shooters is the vehicles!
You get an FPS shooter with Tanks, APC's, Jets, Helicopters, Transport Vehicles and boats? What great people Dice are, even though they are hard to get because it's all the same people who get them in the battlefield.
Overall, the game itself is a great game, with a huge player base so you're never alone on the battlefield. This game is made for hardcore FPS Shooter pro's with skill or not. With huge buildings that can collapse with one hellicopter strike, and players that can parachute in from the heavens above, what's not to love about the Battlefield 4.

I wish you guys all the best of luck with Battlefield 4, and thank you for reading my review!

All the best,

- King Scroob
5.0 (1)
Author KingScrooby
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