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  • Unturned Gun statistics for unturned

    Ace Dmg:50 | Firerate:10 | Range: 100 | DPT:5 The ace is an excellent early game pistol. It is very effective against non armoured opponents due to it’s ability to two tap them in the head. It is super common as well. Use it against non-armoured players, but try to use a different weapon when facing...

  • Unturned How to get good at Unturned

    Although Unturned is a really fun and quite easy single player game, the multiplayer aspect ups the difficulty much higher, and the game becomes almost impossible to play. Please note that this guide is assuming you are playing in a server on survival and with care packages enabled. 1: When you firs...

  • Unturned Unturned - Living Through the Apocalypse

    Living through the apocalypse is a difficult task, but its not impossible. Surviving the apocalypse requires skill and work, and surviving in Unturneds apocalyptic world can prove to be a challenge. Surviving the Apocalypse Finding Supplies: The first step in surviving in Unturned is to get some bas...

  • Unturned Unturned: Is It Worth the Time?

    Unturned: that block zombie survival game that everyone has mixed feelings about. It has millions of active players, but it it actually worth it? The simple answer is yes. Unturned has three main aspects: single player, workshop, and multiplayer Firstly: Single player. In single player, there are tw...

  • Unturned Keep An Eye On This One

    Unturned is a video game, originally made by a 16 year-old Canadian, which pits yourself against the elements and hordes of zombies. The best thing that I have to say about this game is that it still has potential. Seriously, don’t right off this game yet. Many people have critiqued it on looking a...

  • Unturned why unturned is the best free steam game

    Unturned in my opinion is the best free steam game and on Bananatic. The reason why i think this is because it feels like a paid game but its actually free. There is also so many things to do in this game the looting system in this game is good because the maps arent that complex. Dont get me wrong...

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  • Unturned Unturned Tips for Beginners

    Unturned can be a fairly difficult game for new players. This guide will help you get used to the game and give you tips that will help even when you become a more experienced player. One of the biggest things you need to look out for is supplies, youll want to start collecting them as soon as possi...

  • Unturned Unturned Game Review

    Unturned is a survival/crafting game that is focused on surviving in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. It was made by one person which is pretty cool for such a big game. While the game does have graphic that leave much to be desired, the game play itself is pretty entertaining if this is the kind...

  • Unturned Is Unturned a good game to play?!?!?!?!!!!

    Unturned has recently risen near to the top of the charts on steam with the game being free this has surprised me at first but once I played it I understood the madness. Unturned Is a first person multiplayer zombie survival game free on steam (all though there is an option to pay for gold upgrade)...

  • Unturned Minecraft with Zombies!

    I began playing Unturned when I was about, Id like to say, 13 years old when my best friend and I had enough of TF2, minecraft, etc and wanted to try something new. I have to say, we didnt expect very much out of it, but when we hopped into the world of Unturned, we had a lot more fun than we wanted...

  • Unturned Unturned: A Indie Game Masterpeice

    Yesterday, on the 8th of July, the well-known and loved video game Unturned was official released to the Steam community, after being in early-access development for many years. The most likely reason for the games success is because of the single developer; Nelson Saxton, a teenage boy, who has man...

  • Unturned A game of thrills and adventures full of zombies

    Unturned is an apocalyptic survival game that was developed by Nelson Sexton. This game is very addictive, competitive among all players. This game features various maps filled with zombies and people that apparently none will be your friend unless you are the one who starts to create friendships. T...

  • Unturned Unturned: How to - Not Turn

    So when you are on steam, and you dont have any money, BUT you want a nice multiplayer survival game for FREE ( I know right, FREE? Yeah... free stuff...) then this game is for you, it is a really fun little game with LOTS of updates coming and a LOT better gameplay when it started. So how you want...