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Is Unturned a good game to play?!?!?!?!!!!

Unturned has recently risen near to the top of the charts on steam with the game being free this has surprised me at first but once I played it I understood the madness. Unturned Is a first person multiplayer zombie survival game free on steam (all though there is an option to pay for gold upgrade) I have experienced many fun times with friends and have got betrayed time after time the game takes sort of a minecraft look to it. when you first spawn in, you feel like you are all alone except for a few hostile zombies, you are naked and have no weapons or anything. As you search the world for weapons, food, clothes, etc you will also have encounters with other online players (if your playing multiplayer) which can serve for very interesting times and can result in making new friends. I can remember this one time where me and my friend went around on a server kidnapping people and getting people to pay use to release them.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Unturned was made by Nelson Sexton at the age of just 16 who published it on steam for a free to play game. Some big YouTube's played the such as PewDiePie and many others which had helped the game gain popularity. With the addition of steam workshop this has let the players of Unturned make there own custom guns, maps, clothes and much more to come. Many updates later you have today Unturned lots has been added to Unturned such as new maps which include Russia, Germany, Yukon and many more. along with the maps different clothing items have came out so you can blend more in or stand out like a sore thumb. More fire power has been added so you can dominate Players on servers and kick some zombie butt. There is also A CS:GO type crate system so you can have skins on your weapons and cosmetics for your character.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Should you get Unturned? defiantly It is a free game that which I have 125 hours spent on and I do not regret any of those hours. With playing online you can have unlimited Experiences with other people. Or you can play alone and made a awesome base and rule the unturned world the options are limit less. Nelson has added in some NPC quest maybe that is your thing or maybe you want to just go on a rampage on a server and kill anyone you can!!!! I have even bought the Gold upgrade all though it doesn't give you much it supports the creator to make more awesome updates for free. Maybe mass killing isn't your thing well then go on a role play server and role play as a Chef or Mechanic or what ever you want. Tired of the guns that are in the regular game then hop on steam workshop and download some weapon mods. In sort Unturned is a great game for anyone who is looking to have some fun with friends or even play solo
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