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How to get good at Unturned

Although Unturned is a really fun and quite easy single player game, the multiplayer aspect ups the difficulty much higher, and the game becomes almost impossible to play.

Please note that this guide is assuming you are playing in a server on survival and with care packages enabled.

1: When you first spawn in, the first thing you should do is go around the map to unmarked locations, and hope to find one that wasn't looted. You should then go into farms, towns, airports, military bases, and other locations and scavenge there.

2: Kill zombies. Gain xp to level up stats, and maybe the zombies will drop things.

3: Look for poorly protected bases. Even with no equipment, you can still break into bases if they forgot to place a wall, close a door, etc.

4: Wait for the care package, then once it drops, sprint to its location before anyone else does.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
5: If you have guns, move onto 6. If not, repeat 1 - 4 until you have powerful weapons.

6: If you have powerful weapons, you should then go back around the map looking for medium protected bases and shooting out the walls. You should not yet go to heavily armed bases.

7: Once you have a lot of equipment, you should then start building your own base. This will help you store and protect the equipment you have, as well as keep you safe from other players.

8: Once you've settled in, you should store the most important things you have and go around the map, killing as many players you see. Loot their bodies and get there stuff. Before you do this, make sure the server you are on encourages PVP, or you might get kicked.

After looting their bodies, you should have great guns with endless ammo. If not, repeat 8 multiple times.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
If you have been successful so far, you will start to have fun times in the steps to come. I personally believe this point is the most enjoyable.

9: Go to heavily secured bases. These raid will be hard, but much more fun then the easier raids. If you die raiding a base, get another gun and try again. You will eventually make it in. Do not waste all your equipment on one base. If the base is too hard, come back again later. If you somehow manage to lose everything, repeat previous steps.

10: Now that you have basically dominated the server, you can start to mess around or be nice enough to give everything away and start this process on a new server.

I found that after these 10 steps, I am almost always the best in the server.

Thank you for reading my guide, I hope it helped you get better at the task of playing multiplayer Unturned!
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Author Mushman123
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