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Unturned: How to - Not Turn

So when you are on steam, and you don't have any money, BUT you want a nice multiplayer survival game for FREE ( I know right, FREE? Yeah... free stuff...) then this game is for you, it is a really fun little game with LOTS of updates coming and a LOT better gameplay when it started. So how you want to start, well firstly, you need to know about this game and not just GET STRAIGHT into the game without knowing a thing except knowing that there are zombies and you are playing a survival game. The easy stuff you should know is that you need to collect resources and create a base or just hide from the zombies. By the way, playing with firends and building thogether is really FUN !!! I really like to play this game with friends. Even though i may not play this game anymore, I still like it. The game can be really hard and boring to start off or you can not only no-life all this game!!
Unturned doesn't have a good piece of graphics and it might look like minecraft or roblox.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play

You need to run away from zombies or fight them because they can be a real pain in the butt and they can infect you and kill you. So you need a weapon, food, clothes, and medicine.
If you want some weapons, try to look around towns, they can be found in homes, restaurants, and gun shops. Food can be found around houses, restaurants, and shops.
Clothes can be found everywhere in towns, but only in buildings.
Medicine can be found in hospitals and you can scrap your clothes into bandages and they can be upgraded!
There is a premium thing that you can buy so you have more things to use.
I cannot explain everything to you by just typing all this stuff, but if you can understand all of this then thank you very much.
Killing the zombies isn't that hard but... there is actually a big zombie, a big boss zombie that can kill you by just slapping you in the head...
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Zombies are random, they can be really powerful, and they can be pretty s**t. But they can still kill you, it doesn't depend on the zombie, it depends on your weapon or your dodging skills.
As you can see the zombies are basically the people of the houses they live in ,like you couldn't have guessed it.
What you need to do in Unturned is basically survive and not TURN. HAHAHAHA FUNNIEST STUFF YOU HAVE EVERY HEARD, no.
If you need any help. Look at some youtube videos to get you started and being more fun than reading, just look if you need help because there is not a lot of things to tell you if there is no video to intrests you. I'm sorry.

Hope you have enjoyed this Guide on starting the game and hope all this writing will help you.
This Guide may not be helpful but i still hope it can get you a better understanding of the fun game you are playing right now!!!!

You can build houses and make a lot of fun stuff.
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