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Unturned: Is It Worth the Time?

Unturned: that block zombie survival game that everyone has mixed feelings about. It has millions of active players, but it it actually worth it? The simple answer is yes. Unturned has three main aspects: single player, workshop, and multiplayer

Firstly: Single player. In single player, there are two main modes: survival and horde. We will start off with survival. Unturned has 15 maps including special maps, tutorial levels, and arena maps. These 15 maps each have different aspects, towns, and sizes, creating a new play style for each one. This game also merges base-building and scavenging. This makes the game enjoyable, as you have two ultimate goals, to have the rarest guns, and the biggest base. These two goals end up making anyone play hours of this game without feeling a hint of boredom.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Also in single player: the horde mode. This gamemode basically throws round of zombies at you, and killing each zombie will give you more points. You must collect enough points to buy better guns and clothes.

Next: Multiplayer. As long as you have good connection, this is the best part of the game. Multiplayer also has two modes: Survival and Arena. Survival mode is basically single player in a highly populated map, making it almost impossible to get good weapons and armor. The real fun comes when you are all set up. When you have enough guns, the game turns into an all-out war against other players and clans. You can also raid other players bases in multiplayer, making the game very competitive. Arena mode is almost the same as survival, but without scavenging. You get thrown into a shrinking map with little guns and ammo, and you must kill everyone to be the last man standing.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The last main game mode is workshop. Workshop allows anyone and everyone to easily make maps. This makes it so any player could make a map personalized for them, and you can even share it on the Steam Workshop.

On the topic of the Steam Workshop, this game allows, and heavily encourages, mods. There are hundreds of mods already in this game, including detailed maps, realistic guns, and unique items for the in-game workshop. These extra assets to the game only make it more addicting, ultimately ending in you playing for hours on end.

The last thing I would like to speak about is the progression of the game. This game gets constant, large updates making it so you can play on a new map every couple of months. These updates are whats keeping the game alive and well, and proves that the creator is listening to the players and working hard to please his fans.

Thank you for reading this review, I hope it helped!
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Author Mushman123
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