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Minecraft with Zombies!

I began playing Unturned when I was about, I'd like to say, 13 years old when my best friend and I had enough of TF2, minecraft, etc and wanted to try something new. I have to say, we didn't expect very much out of it, but when we hopped into the world of Unturned, we had a lot more fun than we wanted to admit. The game is just fun, it's fun to run around finding various weapons, it's fun to drive cars into things, it's fun to bait 50 zombies into another unsuspecting player. You can even play the game nomadic- chop some trees down, build a house and plant some crops!

This game is also pretty good for just messing around with friends on, my best friend and I would always turn to this game when we couldn't find anything else to do. We'd join a server, loot some houses and procede to go player hunting. I'd have to say it was some of the best times of my life
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The possibilities are vast in this game. You don't have to go around killing zombies, which is what the game was made to revolve around, the sky is the limit. The amount of features in this game is insane, it's not just going around killing people and zombies, there are mechanics and playstyles that you wouldn't expect from a game such as Unturned. Foremost, you can gain xp points when you kill zombies, you can then use these xp points to level up certain traits, allowing you to play the game as a stealthy ninja, a tank or practically any other standard role. There are also mechanics you should learn before you start, for example, the best way to kill zombies is similar to kiting in most mobas, you hit, then run back, hit then run back. Finally, most importantly, this game is FREE TO PLAY, that means you dont have to pay anything to play this game! You could start right now, get some friends together and make some memories!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
This game has 2 available gamemodes to play:
Arena- Player Unknown sort of gamemode, once you die, you're dead until the next round
Survival- Basic sandbox, if you die, you respawn at a random area

My favorite thing to do, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO TRY:
Find a backpack and start pretending that you're a turtle, only eat vegtables and crawl around. If you see another player start croaking very loudly and crawl over to them, if they feed you a veggie follow them until they're out of view.

Final verdict:
I'd rate this game a solid 8.5/10, it's genuinely fun and it offers a vast amount of activities as well as 2 gamemodes you can try out. While it doesn't offer much more than: building, pvp and pve, it's still an immersive game that I would highly recommend anyone looking for a Player Unknown/H1Z1/minecraft like combinatinon to try out!
5.0 (1)
Author MemerDog6611
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