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Unturned Tips for Beginners

Unturned can be a fairly difficult game for new players. This guide will help you get used to the game and give you tips that will help even when you become a more experienced player. One of the biggest things you need to look out for is supplies, you'll want to start collecting them as soon as possible. Be careful of what you pick up and how it is put in you inventory though, because it can get full pretty fast. Foods and drinks are the most important thing to look for because you'll gave to keep your hunger and thirst at a good place or you'll die. A good way to get good supplies is to keep dying until you spawn either in or near a town. Towns may have lots of zombies but if you can either sneak past them or just kill them, they have much better loot than you'll find anywhere else. One item that is good to have is a backpack which will let you carry more items.
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Once you get items, you will need to focus on surviving the night time that is probably close. Zombies become very powerful during the night. One good strategy is to go somewhere that there are little to no zombies and stay there until day times happens again. Soon you'll want to start building a shelter. This can be using an already prebuilt building or you can make your own. Everything you'll need to build will be in the crafting tab, it may take a while to get used to it but once you do it becomes pretty easy. Start off building with just wood and you can upgrade as the time goes on. Once you have a good solid base you can focus on getting more loot from other parts of the map/making better things. Items do re-spawn in the map. Make sure to get weapons that you're comfortable with (there are lots of them so don't worry).
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Another important thing to do is level up your character, you do this mainly by killing zombies. When you level up you're given a certain amount of points to spend on skills. There are lot's of skills and you can customize them to the type of character you want to play. The best basic skill to level up are Survival, which makes you need to eat and drink much less which allows you focus on other things. There is also a sneaking skill, a marksman skill, and many more. Make sure the skills you pick match your player type. AKA don't waste your skill points on something you never/rarely use. Once you get into higher levels you can start making your base(s) bigger and better and make sure it is safe and you can survive in it for as long as possible. Hopefully these tips will help new (or old) player of the game to make it easier.
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