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  • Trove Trovians be seen to the worlds

    Thanks to my efforts, theres now a basement in the Alamo. Not the real Alamo in San Antonio, of course, but the one I built in a cleft between two green hills while mosquitoes the size of Paul Reubens pestered me. Youll find the entrance just inside the main door to the left, and Ive decorated it wi...

  • Trove Should you play Trove?

    Trove is a voxel based MMO--one of many that will be seen as more Minecraft clones. But, it has its own original twist. Trove focuses combat and class leveling, along with character customization, while Minecraft and similar titles do not display such a focus. When I started Trove two years ago, I d...

  • Trove Monsterginger's Tomb raiser guide

    The main job of a tomb raiser is to deal constant damage and to take the aggro of adds using the tomb raisers minions. If you want to optimize your tomb raiser to the maximum damage it can get (to my knowledge) Then this is the guide for you. Passives: "Soul Caller: Periodically attract a restless s...

  • Trove Trove, the Combat-Based Voxel RPG

    Anyone whos played Minecraft or Terraria can vouch for the fact that theres something so charming in the psuedo-retro graphics they have. Theyre both games that encapsulate their players with promises of endless creation in sandbox like worlds filled with danger. But, theyre both lacking one key fea...