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  • Wizard101 3 advices for new players of the game Wizard 101

    Wizard101 is a free game with a lot of drama. Its very fun for players of all ages. The game allows players to create a student Wizard in an attempt to save Wizard City and explore many different worlds (with more Nordic mythological elements). Including but not limited to the design of clothing, ho...

  • Wizard101 Wizard101 game is good

    Venturing around The Spiral with a goal to conqueror most, if not all of its challenges on your own will NOT be an easy challenge at all. If you reading this and are seeking knowledge on the best techniques to begin playing Wizard101 solo, be prepared to endure the tough, unforgiving challenges that...

  • Wizard101 Wizard101: Nostalgia lined with Gold

    Wizard101 is a turn-based MMORPG set in a world of magic and monsters. I remember years ago, where I used to see commercials for the game nearly every day while watching television. It was fascinating to me; watching all the battles and all the characters. Sadly, I was never able to play the game in...

  • Wizard101 Wizard101 - PvP and tips for free to play leveling up.

    I have played wizard101 for a very long time, and have spent very little money on it. And by a very long time, I mean about 7 to 8 years. The game is very fun in my opinion and I think it deserves more attention than it currently has right now. But it has some bad sides, like how you have to buy a m...

  • Wizard101 Wizard 101: Worth Your Time?

    Ive been playing Wizard101 recently to complete a bananatic quest. Unlike many other people, many people had a phase in their childhood when they were obsessed with this game. This games audience is towards elementary kids and as I am older than that, I find it the games repititve and boring. Here i...

  • Wizard101 Battle of Massive Multiplayer Online Games of the 20'th Century: Wizard101 Versus FreeRealms - 2009 - 2017: Review + Comparison (Updated & Filled with Accurate Information)

    I am surprised that this game is still running,yet still i am glad too. There was another game that was similar to it. Freerealms,if i remember clearly. FreeRealms was a game that had loads of players and loads of fun to be had. Wizard101 on the other hand was a second option for me. I played Wizard...

    Han Ley
  • Wizard101 LolOreoGod's Wizardry Inspection 101

    First, lets start with what this game is about. You start off in a castle, where you are introduced to the Head Master. From there, you will pick your character appearance, and your magical aptitude. Suddenly, word arrives that an evil wizard has come to plague your kingdom. Your mission throughout...

  • Wizard101 A flashback to my childhood

    Wizard 101 is a flash to the past for me when I was a kid my mom signed me up for this game and I had hours of fun with my friends in this game. It was the first strategy game I had ever played and it always had interesting new bosses to fight. The game had these raid bosses which would force you to...

  • Wizard101 Wizard101 - Old but still good?

    I wasn´t really into this game when I downloaded it just to try it out but after a few minutes into the game you already have figured out the pretty simple but satisfying fightingsystem. You get guided through the world by doing quests that are often pretty simple. Sometimes you feel like you´re jus...

  • Wizard101 Wizard101 Review With Some Tips

    Wizard101 is a pretty fun game if you are into card battle type games. The wizard school aspect of the game is pretty nicely done and goes well with the story and a way to learn spells to battle tougher enemies. It is sort of childish but is still a game to try out if you like these style of games....

  • Wizard101 Wizard 101 Game Review

    Wizard 101 is a kids MMO made by Kingsisle Entertainment, however, a standout amongst the most captivating MMOs I still cant seem to go over. Playing a youthful wizard, you will school and having experiences in Wizard City and its encompasses. Harry Potter anybody? In the event that youve at any poi...