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Wizard101 - Old but still good?

I wasn´t really into this game when I downloaded it just to try it out but after a few minutes into the game you already have figured out the pretty simple but satisfying fightingsystem. You get guided through the world by doing quests that are often pretty simple. Sometimes you feel like you´re just running between two characters and getting XP and gold for it. But some quests need more fights and searching of special monsters. So far I really like this game and will continue playing it. When you start the game you will see that the graphics aren´t that bad but they´re definitely not as good as most of the games published at this time. Also it´s difficult to aavoid getting into a fight when you´re just alking along the street because you instantly start a duel when you get near a monster.
By playing this game you can get 660 Play
Another thing that I didn´t like about this game is the steering. altough it´s possible to steer your character with W, A, S, D it feels pretty hard and unsmooth. But after some time into the game you can deal with these little problems. Now some positive Things about the game: The music really fits the game and theme overall and also there are many items to collect with different abilitys and effects. Another Thing I like abou Wizard101 is the System to decide what class you will Play in the game. Other than in the most games you answer questions to decide which Kind of mage you are. On my opinion there should definitely be more games with this System. But if you don´t like the class you get, you can still do it again. The different types of mages have different pros and cons so it´s pretty good balanced.
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I fell like the bosses in the game where a Little too easy and also the game overall wasn´t that difficult but it´s not that easy when you remember the fact that it´s made for kids in the age around 10. So if you have Kids that would really like to Play a game then you should let them try this out. But you should stay with them because it can really be frustrating when you just want to finish your quest but run into Monsters you don´t even want to fight. Also there are many customization Options already at the beginning... for the ´´wizard name`` and for the clothes your wizard wears but you will be getting new clothes very fast so you can change your style ingame too. There are items (like rings,...) that can add some effects but the normal clothes don´t so you´re free to make your character look like you want him to. I hope I could help you with my Feedback andyou´ll have fun playing!
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Author Baniares
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