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LolOreoGod's Wizardry Inspection 101

First, lets start with what this game is about. You start off in a castle, where you are introduced to the Head Master. From there, you will pick your character appearance, and your magical aptitude. Suddenly, word arrives that an evil wizard has come to plague your kingdom. Your mission throughout the game is ultimately, to defeat this evil wizard. You are faced with many challenges along the way, and as you unlock more areas to go through, you will get different side quests to complete. Side quests, along with dungeons, are essential to leveling up your character so you can become stronger, and fight stronger NPCs. Keep in mind, sometimes, you will need to fight boss monsters with your friends. If you don't know anyone who plays this game, just ask someone in-game for help. Chances are, they'll gladly assist you, just be respectful and others will respect you.
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I have spent around 70 hours or so on this game, grinding away. It is a very tedious RPG game, as are most RPGs, but it is very difficult to level up compared to other RPGs. From the moment you hit level 9, the game feels like it is taking away your life minute by minute. The leveling progress is very limited and not only that, but you get bored of the game because of how long it takes. Some like this challenge, but I find it a little frustrating. Unless you are playing with friends, I do not recommend spending long hours on this game. You might not even realize how long you are spending on this game because your progress is so slow. The picture below shows me at level 7; I had acquired that level within 3 hours of play time. At this point, I had nearly given up on the game, and the only thing that kept me going was the rewards from bananatic. If it were not for the incentive to play, I would not have continued.
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The graphics are a little less than pleasant, but the in game community makes up for it. Since this is a very old game, I was surprised to find many people playing it. I received a lot of help from strangers in the game to defeat bosses, and to get out of fights I didn't want to be in. The in game mechanics for starting fights with the NPCs could be fixed as they are very frustrating to deal with when you are trying to get somewhere quickly. If you simply get near one of these NPCs, by accident, you will begin a duel that you cannot get out of. If you do choose to use the option "run", you will return to the main town, where you have to travel a long distance to reach your previous location again. It is also very hard to recharge your health/mana at some places, more than others. In certain areas, more health orbs will spawn, and in others, more mana orbs will spawn. Based on these things, I would rate the game a solid 2 out of 5. The game isn't terrible, but it could use some major upgrades.
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Author LolOreoGod
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