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Wizard101 Review With Some Tips

Wizard101 is a pretty fun game if you are into card battle type games. The wizard school aspect of the game is pretty nicely done and goes well with the story and a way to learn spells to battle tougher enemies. It is sort of childish but is still a game to try out if you like these style of games. I play Hearthstone and this has a similar mechanic like mana but they are called pips. You get one each turn and eventually you have a chance at getting a power pip which is worth 2 but can only be used for 2 for a card from the same school you are in. There are 7 schools: fire, ice, lightning, life, myth, death, and balance. The school you pick as your main school you can get every spell it has for free once you reach the required level. For the other schools you will accumulate training points that you can use on them. You will have to be the required level while also spending a training point on the card you want. You can reset your training points in the game but it will cost a good amount of crowns especially if you have gotten farther in the game because the price goes up for each training point that is reset. you can pick any school for your main school, it is just personal preference, but your secondary school/s should work well with your main school. Life is always a nice choice for a secondary so you can get a little extra healing especially if you are in a school with a lower health pool. Death can be ok since it has some leech cards that heal and do damage at the same time. Balance can also be nice because it has shields and attack buffs that will work for any school. If your main school is Life or Death then pick a damage school that can help punch through your enemies. Lightning does the most damage but has lower accuracy while a school like ice has high accuracy with lower damage output. Just make sure not to pick 2 schools with low accuracy or low damage output because you want a mix of spells so you can have more choices. Sometimes the game will call for you to go for a higher damage so that you can finish an enemy off on that turn and sometimes you will just want high accuracy to finish the opponent off. Keep following the quest line and make sure to hit bosses when you can to get some loot. If you need to sell something or are looking for an upgrade you can go to the npc shops but they won't give you as much or has as good of merchandise as the Bazaar in Olde Town. This is a store that players go to to sell their equipment and then those items are then resold to other players who need it. This equipment can be pricy but it is worth it. I usually go for health over the damage resistance but that is my preference.
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There are also other things you can do in the game to receive items or to just have fun doing something different in the game like: fishing, crafting, gardening, pet derbies, pet mini-games, and making your own house. Fishing is like a lot of fishing mini-games, wait for the bobber to go under and hope you get it. Crafting has a lot to be desired it seems because gold isn't too hard to come by to just buy equipment at the Bazaar and is a lot better than the items you can make. Gardening is a nice feature that you don't have to do a whole bunch for but can give you some nice items that will help you out in the game like treasure cards. Pet Derbies are a fun way to race your pets against other people to see how you stack up to everyone else. You will probably want to play some Pet Mini-Games first though so that you can beef your pets stats up. Make sure to bring food along when you play mini-games because you can feed them after you are done to get a better boost to your pets stats. The housing seems pretty cool and there are a crazy amount of items that you can put into your house to make it look fantastic. You will have your dorm at the beginning you can decorate but the upgraded houses you can buy are worth it and give you a better looking space to decorate.
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After you reach level 10 or so you will need to purchase other zones with crowns or subscribe monthly. Subscribing monthly is an easy way to get all the great content but there is also the option of buying crowns or you can earn them by watching videos and/or answering trivia on an associated website as well as a few other ways. You can only earn so many per day for each activity, but after a few days you can get a new zone, or if you subscribe then that frees up crowns to buy mounts, housing items, or anything else you want in their store. Wizard101 is definitely a game I recommend trying out for a fun and entertaining card battle game. Get some friends to tag along so that you can work together to beat your enemies or find some people to help in the game. There may be monsters around every corner but the fun of playing a wizard will always be there. So get your wand ready and defend Wizard City at all cost.
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Author Galnof
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