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  • Paladins Paladins Maeve´s Guide ( How I use Maeve) (How to be a Grand Master with Maeve)

    Well, What´s up, guys? My name is Cesar or ELcesar or if you want to say me ELcesaRStarFTW it`s ok, no problem my homies. Well, this is a short or long guide about that champion what is so cute, her name is Maeve and she is the most beautiful champion in all Paladins (F*ck u Skye, Evie, Lian, Seris,...

  • Paladins A beginner's best friend

    Ahhh Paladins, that one game that everyone has called an Overwatch clone since 198... wait no. Dont mind that. Anyways, if youre a Paladins player that just recently started, you may be reading this article. If so, have guaranteed that this small, but hefty guide will give you what it takes to becom...

  • Paladins Paladins Champion Revealed – Vivian, the Unstoppable Killing Machine

    If you are a player who love to spray unlimited amount of bullets in your enemies and kill every enemy in front you without taking a lot of damage well, Vivian, the Cunning is your best choice. I prefer calling her “Vivian, the Unstoppable Killing Machine” because that’s what she do. Seeing a Vivian...

  • Paladins Paladins Champion Revealed - Moji and Friends

    Moji is the newest champion to join Flank class in Paladins – Champions of the Realm. When I first saw Moji, I thought that Moji is a funky little childish male character, but after seeing Moji’s gameplay I realized that Moji is pretty bad ass female rabbit who can deal a lot of damage. Maybe she is...

  • Paladins How to play Ying in Paladins

    Support characters? Really? Most of the gamers who play Paladins - Champions of the Realm never play support characters (Actually they hate support characters). But I like playing support characters other than damage or flank (I love front-line too). Support characters are some-what hard to play, I...

  • Paladins Paladins a Very Nice Game

    The game you start with a few champions, you can acquire more champions if you buy them with money from the game, either gold or crystals; but you can also buy a pack the founders pack with which you can buy the champions and every time a new champion comes out you can have the chance to play with t...

  • Paladins Paladins: An Overwatch copy?

    At first glance, Paladins can look like a carbon copy of Overwatch, but as I got to play the game and experience its simple yet balanced multiplayer, I actually prefer Paladins over Overwatch. First off, the price tag. This is a Free to Play game. Anyone can play it, meaning it has a big and diverse...

  • Paladins Complete Guide to Makoa

    I love Paladins. It is one of my favorite games of all time; but one of the things I hate the most is when they play champions badly, especially Makoa. Makoa is a turtle, with a shell, and a huge hook. You look at him and think, wow, he must be good. Players dont use him to his full potential. He is...

  • Paladins Paladins: A Team Shooter Worth Picking Up

    Paladins is a great game, it gets labeled as an overwatch clone all the time but is that such a bad thing? 40$ for overwatch is a little expensive anyways and when this game is close enough to save you money thats amazing, Now being a console player of the game its hard to provide the screenshots fo...

  • Paladins Why Paladins is my Favorite Game

    Paladins is a hero based shooter that has been released around the same time as overwatch often being called a copy. I hope to teach you how the game is not a copy and is worth giving a try in this review. Paladins is a hero shooter that has diverse game play. The best way to explain it would to be...

  • Paladins Paladins an innovative shooting game

    Paladins is an excellent game released to the public on September 16, 2016, by Hi-Rez Studios. This game started 5 months after being created because it caught my attention because its playability, its wood to make the exchange of shots is impressive, apart there are different characters with differ...

  • Paladins Paladins - "Moba Shooter" on Steam

    Paladins are an "MOBA Shooter" style game, Paladins is a great game with different types of strategies, it is very similar to the overwatch game, but both have their differences. Paladins currently have about 28 champions to select for each person, this game allows you to customize each character be...

  • Paladins Paladins Androxus Guide

    Androxus is a flank champion whos main damage output comes from his Revolver weapon he is a quick and mobile champion and destroys other champions with his revolver and nether steps. This guide will explain all of abilities, pros and cos, the best loadout that I and alot of pros use and tips to get...

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