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Paladins Champion Revealed – Vivian, the Unstoppable Killing Machine

If you are a player who love to spray unlimited amount of bullets in your enemies and kill every enemy in front you without taking a lot of damage well, Vivian, the Cunning is your best choice. I prefer calling her “Vivian, the Unstoppable Killing Machine” because that’s what she do. Seeing a Vivian of level 8 or higher in opponent team will be the last thing you need to expect. Reddit is full of threads telling she is overpowered and so boring to play. Vivian is the champion with highest DPS (damage per second) which is surprisingly around 1430 and when the ultimate ability is use she can do extra 400 DPS. And also the ammo count is unlimited (not actually). Many Reddit users complain that she is lack of personality too. Her backstory doesn’t actually fit to the character (her outfit too).
“Rapidly rising through the ranks of the Magistrate, Vivian's clever, persistent scheming got her appointed to the Deepwerks facility, where she was the first to recognize the military potential of the research they were conducting. In the swirling chaos of the war with the Paladins, she sees only the opportunity to advance her station in life.
Equipped with some of the most advanced crystal-powered weaponry ever created, she joined the battle not to prove herself or follow orders, but to silence the lone witness of her true plans.”
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Vivian’s primary weapon is her light machine gun which can deal 200 damage points every 0.14s. That’s 1,428.57 damage per second. I mentioned above that her ammo count is unlimited, but it’s actually limited to 80. If you hold down the fire button, it will take 11.2s to actually clear out a magazine. But practically you never want to hold down a key for that long. Wait, Ruckus has more ammo count (200) right? Yeah but he can only deal 48 damage per 0.04 seconds. Because of higher fire rate, his DPS is 1200. If you fire constantly, 200 ammos will only last 8s, which deals only 9,600 damage over 8s. If you did the math right, Vivian can deal 16,000 damage without reloading once. You can literary slay one frontline (without shield), two damage, one flank and a healer and still you have more ammos left. And she also has iron sights ability which improves her aim accuracy. If you choose the legendary card “Opportunity in chaos” Vivian deals 17% more damage if you fire more than 2s without a break. That’s 234 damage each bullet. With the added bonus, her total damage over magazine’s lifetime is 18,300. If we calculate DPS now it will be roughly 1,630.
OK, enough about her gun. Let’s talk about her Deflector Shield (Q). She can project a frontal shield which blocks 1400 damage (which lowered from 1800) for 6s, which can be increased using common cards (+100 for each card level). Vivian can shoot while the shield is active (poor Fernando). Cool down time is 13s. She can deploy a sensor drone (F) which reveals enemies around a large radius. Cool down time is 10s. It can be customized using “Booby Trap” legendary card to explode and deal 425 damage when an enemy is 20ft nearby the drone.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Her ultimate, Sentinels, summons two sentinel drones which automatically aims and fires laser beams every second when Vivian is using her gun. Each drone has 1600 points of health and does 200 damage every second. The bad part is they literary LASTS FOREVER. They lasts until they are destroyed or Vivian is dead. That means she can do 2030 DPS. She is the only champion with an ultimate which has an unlimited lifetime. No one’s going to shoot at her sentinels. So she is overpowered. If she is included for upcoming Battleground mode that’s going to be totally unfair.
OK. The cons, Vivian moves 50% slower when firing or doing iron sights. Her deflector shield can’t block damage receiving from behind. So use all of your fire power from behind. Sentinels only have 1600 health in each. Try to take down them. Victor can deal lot of damage on Vivian if he use his ultimate. That’s it. There are no more cons. Having Vivian is so unfair in matches. Most of the times Vivian players try to take a higher ground so it’s easy to target all opponents. I don’t know MAYBE Hi-Rez will reduce Vivian’s abilities in future. Until then group up and attack if there’s a Vivian in opponent team or you really have to bend the knee.
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Author schinthakac
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