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Paladins Champion Revealed - Moji and Friends

Moji is the newest champion to join Flank class in Paladins – Champions of the Realm. When I first saw Moji, I thought that Moji is a funky little childish male character, but after seeing Moji’s gameplay I realized that Moji is pretty bad ass female rabbit who can deal a lot of damage. Maybe she is childish and maybe she doesn’t belong to the Realm (as other characters are not this amount of childish). My opinion is Moji is result of a good character design. Why? Look at her weapon which is also her vehicle, two dinosaurs (or one?) named, Po and Li. They both have different powers and different personalities. One spits fire balls, one sprays fire. And look how cute they both are! If you press “G” you will see it. Moji isn’t a boring character like Vivian, Lex or Victor. (No offence to players who love them.) Her design is entirely new. And her lore reveals a good backstory too.
“While the rest of the rabbit-like leipori fled to the forests to avoid getting involved in the war raging across the Realm, Moji took it upon herself to summon the great nature spirits to defend the world. She charges into battle atop her trusty familiar, Po-Li, who carries her through the fray as she unleashes a maelstrom of sorcerous destruction on her enemies. Once the war is over and the Realm has returned to its natural state, she hopes to return to the forest and help her people begin the healing process, restoring all that was lost.” (Source: Paladins – Champion of the Realm)
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Things to know:
Moji deals damage in a stack based system called Magic Mark. Every successful hit adds one Magic Mark to the enemy up to 10. More Magic Marks enemy has, more damage Moji can deal to the player. Moji’s primary skill is Familiar Spit (left click), which can deal 250 base damage every 0.6s and adds 1 Magic Mark. Her secondary weapon is Familiar Spray (right click) which of cause sprays fire and range is twice the range of Fernando fire. Remember, Familiar Spit is labeled as Direct Damage, but it can deal damage to multiple enemies same time like area damage. Familiar Spray can deal 50 damage every 0.1s which adds another Magic Mark on enemy player. Increasing the Magic Marks on targets increases the damage Familiar Spit can deal up to 775. Every new stack increases damage by +29, +17, +13, +14, +21, +35, +55, +80, +111 and in 10th Mark +180. Familiar Spit and Spray doesn’t has any ammo count which means it’s unlimited, and both can be used at the same time without any recoil. Yeah, we both are right. She is definitely overpowered. You don’t agree? Read the following too.
Pressing “Q” enables the ability Magic Barrier which of cause a magic barrier lasts 2 seconds and blocks damage from every direction. When enemies try to damage the barrier they receive 10 Magic Marks which can deal a 775 damage if Moji use Familiar Spit on the target. It takes 7 seconds to cool down after ability ended.
Moji can quickly scamper forward by pressing “F”. You can change the direction while scampering only using mouse. No scampering while in air. Her ultimate is Bon Appetit which transforms a single target into a “cookie”. It sounds like Pip’s ultimate but contacting Po-Li with the victim who unfortunately transformed into a cookie, ELEMINATES THE VICTIM INSTANTLY. No matter how much health you have, no matter if you are immune, if you are the victim, just run. While Po and Li breaks you (who turned into a cookie) into two parts and tastes you, you can’t use any ability to revive. Next time if Pip turned you into a chicken, just relax, you didn’t turn into a cookie.
Her Legendries sound childish but surprisingly powerful:
Boom Boom: Detonating a Magic Mark damages all enemies within 12.75 units of the victim.
Yummy: Eating a victim turned into a cookie grants Moji 850 health points and charge utilities by 50%.
Snack Attack: Every player you kills, drops a pickup which heals Moji 680 points.
Toot: Leaves a trail cloud which grants 30 movement speed to the allies and heal allies 510 points over 3 seconds. Isn’t she a Flank champion? So people who underestimated Moji, wake up!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
If your opponent team has a Moji following cons should help you.
Familiar Spit has a short pre-fire time and it’s a projectile. Moji can’t fire or do any damage while using Magic Barrier. Don’t try to do damage when Magic Barrier is active. You will receive 10 marks. Scamper cannot be immediately canceled. Stunning Moji while scampering stops Moji. Can be damaged while scampering but the damage can be reduced by using cards. While Po-Li eating the cookie, she can’t use any abilities plus deactivates any active abilities. Eating a cookie when Magic Barrier is active, disables the cool down of Magic Barrier. Po-Li’s fire particles seems to go through walls or anything that blocks it. But those particles don’t do any damage. Only the very first one receives damage.
These days many players try to play as Moji, I see them in every 3 matches out of 5. There are many complaints about Moji in forums already. Because of Moji’s size you actually can’t see her coming. When I turned into a cookie, I know it’s instant death. She has abilities from every class. She doesn’t belong to be a Flank. She can do tons of damage like a damage character, can heal herself or others like a support character, can block damage like frontline character and move faster like a Flank character. So is she an all-rounder? I think so.
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