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Paladins a Very Nice Game

The game you start with a few champions, you can acquire more champions if you buy them with money from the game, either gold or crystals; but you can also buy a pack the founder's pack with which you can buy the champions and every time a new champion comes out you can have the chance to play with this new character.

Within the game you will find champions like Support, front line, damage and flank. For each category you can choose between a number of champions according to the role you want to play in the game.

Support: Champions dedicated to helping their teammates, usually healing them but also have skills to harm the enemy.
Damage: As the name says, are those champions dedicated to inflict as much damage as possible to the enemy.
Front Line: commonly known as the tank, are those champions specialized in being at the forefront of the battle because they have enough resistance and HP.
Flank: are the champions dedicated to outflanking enemies, mainly support, Damage Champions or other flank.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The mechanics of the game consists of two teams of five people, you can play with people you do not know and with whom the game matches you or you can put together a party with your friends and score the games.
The idea of ​​any of the ways is to win by eliminating your enemies, who are reborn after a time of being killed and the same will happen with your allies.
one game mode is:
Siege: Capture the objective then push the payload. That is, you must capture a target indicated on the map and after it is captured, a charge will appear that you must push along with your allies to the enemy base. The enemies must do the work of preventing the cargo from reaching its base.
In this mode, capturing the objective grants a point in the score for your team. Placing or defending the load will give another point for who achieves its goal, Win who gets four notes first. The end point must be obtained by capturing the objective.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Another game mode is:

Payload: Push the payload the farthest. In this game mode will appear an explosive charge in one of the two bases (ally or enemy) and the objective is to push it to the opposite base if the explosive charge appears in your base, or prevent it from reaching your base if the explosive charge appears in the enemy base.
Each advance of the load is recorded and indicated on the screen by a percentage data of the distance that the explosive charge has been pushed.
In this game mode the time runs against those who want to place the explosive charge in the enemy base because they have only five minutes to fulfill the objective of the mode. If after 5 minutes the load has not been taken to the enemy base, the percentage of advance of the load is recorded as distance to be overcome by the other team. Then a change of roles is proceeded and the defending team will now attack and the attacking team will now defend.
In the end, the team with the greatest distance has pushed the load towards the base of its enemy.

There are also other game modes, but I prefer to leave them with the curiosity of knowing them so that they are encouraged to play this excellent game and enjoy it as much as I have.

Bye Bye Good Luck
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Author Vash.
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