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Paladins: An Overwatch copy?

At first glance, Paladins can look like a carbon copy of Overwatch, but as I got to play the game and experience its simple yet balanced multiplayer, I actually prefer Paladins over Overwatch.

First off, the price tag. This is a Free to Play game. Anyone can play it, meaning it has a big and diverse player base with many different play styles and skill levels. That brings me on to the next point. Paladins is a game that features strategy over skill. Beginners will have an easy time getting used to the game, and experienced players can have fun experimenting with more advanced and unique strategies and play styles. Paladins appeals to all players.

Another major advantage is the vast amount of customization in the game. You can customize anything, from gun skins to player voices, to make sure no player you encounter will look or sound like you. This feature of changing your character will only make the game more addicting, as it adds a bigger goal than just winning.
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The game only gets better when you see the amount of characters you can unlock, and the amount of skins each character has, and the amount of skills you can add to each character. In the end, there are hundreds of different changes you can put on each character, which will guarantee hours of endless game play to unlock just one more skin.

Unlike Overwatch, Paladins also features horses at the beginning of each round, and every time you die. This speeds up the game play and allows you to get into the action much quicker than Overwatch. With this feature, there is more time fighting and less time walking across the map, looking for something to shoot at.

After experiencing Paladins, I also noticed the calm, nice, and friendly fan-base it has. Throughout my time playing the game, I never experienced any player which made me want to quit the game.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Lastly, Paladins' different maps have different styles. Every player will get their fair share of preferred maps. From large open spaces to close quarters combat, Paladins offers diverse game play which complements every play style. There are 10 maps in the Siege game mode alone, and 20+ coming soon or already implemented into other game modes. Each game mode has a specially designed map to help it play smoothly, enhancing the users experience.

Overall, Paladins is an enjoyable game. I've spent just over 10 hours playing, and I haven't lost interest. The best part about this game is that if you play it, and don't like it, it's free. So why not give it a try instead of assuming its just another game attempting to steal some fame off of Overwatch? This game may be the same style as Overwatch, but it's a different game, personally a better game.
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Author Mushman123
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