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Paladins - "Moba Shooter" on Steam

Paladins are an "MOBA Shooter" style game, Paladins is a great game with different types of strategies, it is very similar to the overwatch game, but both have their differences.

Paladins currently have about 28 champions to select for each person, this game allows you to customize each character before each game.

This game is from Hi-Rez Studios who developed the MOBA 3D game called Smite, knowing that we can give an idea of ​​how well this game is developed, as Hi-Rez Studios develop very good quality games.

The main advantage of Paladins over their rivals like the Overwatch is that this game is completely free for all people.

Paladins have both its own server and a server in Steam, which gives a great advantage to this game.

Paladins being on a Steam server helps you a lot. As steam is one of the largest computer gaming communities.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Paladins besides being a free game give us the option to receive daily gifts, for each consecutive day that you enter to play some game, you will receive bonuses of gold or even diamonds, that these will allow you to buy special objects so that you personalize your personages. This option is something that many games today does not count, so it makes Paladins not such a game unbalanced in that aspect.

In the same way, Paladins also offers you the option to buy objects or champions with real money. But this only makes the objects or champions that you buy with real money are of greater advantage than the objects or champions that you buy with the money that you win in the game.

Paladins consist of different types of games of 5vs5, Paladins at this time is in its BETA version as it is still in development
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
As paladins it is still in development, they change the styles of battles and campaigns of battles constantly.

One of the most striking modes is the way to play the battlefields that are still in development and so after the game you can leave comments about this new battlefield you just played.

With this Paladins verifies that errors must be fixed or that things must modify to give us the best possible gaming experience.

In addition to this, Paladins is also available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which makes it a multiplatform game, but the real advantage of this is that you can use the same data that you have in the computer version in the versions of PlayStation 4 o Xbox one.

Paladins is a great game that is becoming more popular every day, I recommend giving this game a chance as they will like it a lot, and much more if you do not have the option to buy overwatch.
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